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  1. I used the domino for all the construction except the bottom and attaching the sides to the ends.They are screwed and plugged If your interested you can see the build at gallery.me.com/rtermini. I did intentionally want a Green and Green look, thus the cloud lifts.
  2. Sorry about the pics. My export was too large
  3. This is a gliding cradle that I just finished for the pending granddaughter of my best friends. It made from canary wood. and the base is mahogany. I bought a plan but made several changes. It called for spindles and plain side and end rails. It also called for a 3/4" base in 3 pieces. I decided on the slats because I like them better and have a domino, which made it a piece of cake to build. Its' finished with tung oil and General Finishes water bourn urethane. This is the first major furniture project that I have attempted and would really appreciate any constructive criticism as I would like to learn all I can. If anyone is interested in the build you can look here: www.gallery.me.com/rtermini Thank you
  4. I have been enjoying the Guild build videos. The chest looks fantastic.........Except for the two top pulls. I do not like them at all. I think they completely distract from the rest of the gorgeous piece. Everything else on the piece has the beautiful Spagnolo touch. Slender tapered legs, slightly arched top support, nicely finished original flowing large pulls, then.....round? headlights on top. Sorry to be so negative about a small feature, but that is just my take. I don't want to start a flame war here. Opinions are like elbows, almost everyone has a couple and this is mine and mine only. I still believe you are the best thing going in woodworking on the net. Thank you for all you do. Vid.
  5. The chest is looking really nice. Love the white shutters in the back of the case. Is that for ventilation of the dirty socks?