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  1. ECE planes... worth picking up?

    Kind of. It can be held similar to a joystick should you chose.
  2. ECE planes... worth picking up?

    I have a block plane I really like.
  3. Mine dispenses yellow but stirs clear. There is chemical interaction magic that happens.
  4. Chisel Sharpening

    Extra course DMT... five minutes at most. Any chance you are grinding dry and loading the stone? Try a file card and grind with some lube to clear grinding dust. Even a magnet might help to clear the stone.
  5. Pure Lee Valley Tung Oil waxy finish

    Did you trim that board or is that a yard end? Is there any chance you have residual end grain check prevention sealer still in the board?
  6. Pure Lee Valley Tung Oil waxy finish

    Is 13-15 C° or F°?
  7. Pure Lee Valley Tung Oil waxy finish

    A day does not seem enough for a pure oil.
  8. How to Finishing Wenge?

    Try this. The forum search is not very good. If you do a Google advanced search and limit to this site, a lot will turn up. https://www.google.com/search?as_q=Wenge&as_epq=&as_oq=&as_eq=&as_nlo=&as_nhi=&lr=&cr=&as_qdr=all&as_sitesearch=Www.woodtalkonline.com&as_occt=any&safe=images&as_filetype=&as_rights=
  9. I wonder if you can find an airline stair at auction?
  10. Yeah, sub 200 lbs and 400 lbs plus are two very different animals. Job site tools are frequently hoisted on swing arm pulleys that mount in scaffolding. But if you don’t do scaffolding a lot, there is a learning curve. If you have big tools, I think you are stuck with a lift. Slabs and small items can be figured with ease. Tools are the catch if you have any large machines.
  11. What's your angle here anyway?!

    Yep, we would have ripped it down. Forgot that.
  12. What to finish...

    Jig saws are free hand. They will cut curves. Scroll saws have a table and typically cut with a finer narrow blade. I don’t use one to know models, I just know two grandads around me who never stopped cutting stuff until they passed. For work like those bookstands, either way will work. Just throwing out ideas.
  13. What to finish...

    I think I would recommend a scroll saw. If the sawing is running you down, minimize the sawing you do by hand. Many an old timer pass the time only cutting plaques and things with a scroll saw around here. I am not calling you an old timer or trying to insult your physical capabilities. I am simply trying to address what you have said and a bit of what might be drawn from that.
  14. What to finish...

    Book stand. When the first goes badly...you have not lost much material.
  15. Paying For Forrest Blade Sharpening

    Ha, my local sharpens for near 75 96 Hour a week hardwood shops that supply cabinetry and millwork for trailers to mansions. You cannot be a profitable dedicated shop without knowing how to balance, braze, weld, and grind anything out there.