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  1. Looks like mildew. Try peroxide or some other mildew remedy.
  2. Tpt life

    Roasted Wood?

    I think this is the intentional case hardening and finish free treatment that allows raw wood to work in “rain screen” siding applications.
  3. File the edges. Don’t risk getting cut on those sharp bits. That cut appears to be minor and a great reminder for us.
  4. Are you flooding, or applying to only one side? Are you leaving wide boards or talking about glued smaller stock? Many will pond the oil in a tub and immerse the whole board.
  5. Just watched that video. Those speed clamps must have different versions. I can easily remove my fixed head and traveling head to spin them as spreaders.
  6. eBay, Amazon, old belts, old tool bags, old don’t need any finish, so thick craft lots of small chunks from a craft store will do just fine also.
  7. Concave up, a board might sit ok. Convex up a board will rock. That’s of limited value as thinner boards will flex to the profile. Just two cents of thinking.
  8. Tpt life

    Spoke Shaves

    I don’t know of one like the first. All curved I see are referencing the second. Many “flat” do not have a true flat sole front to rear that is very large at all.
  9. Tpt life

    Spoke Shaves

    Turn 90° in that work flow. Flat only works in the one orientation. If you want to work across, the “corners” dig and the center skips. Think about refining a seat contour that curves in from multiple planes of approach.
  10. Honestly, I prefer to drive brass by hand. I understand what you mean. Impact drivers for me are tools for framing and decking and the like, of which I do plenty.
  11. Impact drivers excel on the job site. I can tiptoe, off hand extended, leaning way out where I shouldn’t, still drive a lag. In a wood shop where everything can be predrilled first, they are loud.
  12. @Mark J My “siding” is limestone veneer. I use a hammer drill often. Mostly, that is because this is a project home. Also, the back is an addition that captured some of that limestone so that it is an interior finish. Simple things like hanging pictures or replacing hose reels, exterior lights, the dryer vent, the mailbox etc. all benefitted from a hammer drill. That said, I bought corded and it sits on a shelf most of the year.
  13. Tpt life

    New Table Saw

    That makes sense finally. Multiple posting likely flagged a bot filter.
  14. I am not sure I would invest in metal that was not concealed fastener standing seam. This in response to Sawdust.