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  1. Tpt life

    Craftsman Planes???

    Craftsman is a Stanley badged for job site work or handyman ownership. They will work, but they may come with stamped steel frogs and other budget conscious downgrades. I also don’t care for the feel of them.
  2. I have carbide bar already or I’d bite. I bought about a year ago and do not even remember from whom. It was an eBay purchase quite likely from someone else doing similar. It is a purchase I do not regret.
  3. Tpt life

    New project, new tool?

    Skill...scrapers are rather simple tools. Setting the card for your work is the only tricky bit, and videos on the topic abound. Usage can be figured out in twenty minutes of practice. There is another thing I forgot to mention. If you cannot flex the plate, you run the risk of corners digging in and leaving tracks. In that regard, a thinner plate might be easier to start with. However, not all possess the hand strength in the muscles used. Fatigue could set in. Some of those holding devices might give you some relief in the short term. That just depends on how much you plan to use the tool right away. My two cents. My background is carpentry, so tool use comes easily. Design is where I need take pause.
  4. Tpt life

    New project, new tool?

    Table saw plates are super thick for this use. It is far more common to use old gents handsaws or some quality steel that is already close to the thickness of a card scraper. Heavy blades can work for some tasks, but a lot of the fine control is in the ability to flex the plate so that the curve focuses you a bit more, aiding with find control.
  5. Tpt life

    block plane & rabbeting block plane

    That’s an opinion. Again, I don’t regularly plane anything with my block planes that is wider than those planes. I am not cambering any of my block planes.
  6. Tpt life

    Locking French cleat

    Your cleats are too far from the ends if it will tip. You are looking for designs because you are locating mounting at those corbels. Key slots as posted are a good option.
  7. Tpt life

    Making an 80 deg bevel cut on TS

    For something that size, I wouldn’t even run the table saw. I’d mark a line a grab a hand plane. Just a thought if you have any hand tools.
  8. Tpt life

    Making an 80 deg bevel cut on TS

    Here is your ten degrees if you want 80° upright....and a dangerous cut on a small piece.
  9. Tpt life

    Making an 80 deg bevel cut on TS

    Draw what you want and snap a pic. That will make it easier for us to understand how you need the 80°.
  10. Tpt life

    block plane & rabbeting block plane

    That’s setup and technique. Any plane can leave tracks. I don’t use blocks as smoothers, so I am rarely planing something wider than a block plane with s block plane.
  11. Tpt life

    block plane & rabbeting block plane

    Totally depends on a few things. Chances are, no. However, in a work flow like may find yourself planning on multiple block planes just to have them set up for different tasks.
  12. Tpt life

    Out-feed Table

    Yes, they would pack full and drag.
  13. Tpt life

    Outdoor Rocker

    Plugs chip quite often in a wide variety of the hardwoods I have bored. Running the cutter deeper than the plug truly needed was the solution we settled on.
  14. Tpt life

    Cutting Styrofoam on a Bandsaw

    I’ve gummed up way too many circ saw blades to think this a good idea. Highlander has it right.
  15. Life experience says this is generally true, but false when stated so universally.