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  1. Do they need to have flat supports? If not, you can source 8mm dowel stock that is already cut to short lengths.
  2. Any chance the posts are tapered and the base needs to travel up them rather than down?
  3. Did you take 64 off and look to see if the base has those posts attached through the base?
  4. When heat doesn’t work, I turn to the freezer.
  5. My dad always said that getting good at a thing, was to know how to fix mistakes. Good on ya.
  6. I use diamond grinders, not carbide. Anything laying around like a Dremmel that has one?
  7. Read it again. I think you misunderstood. He agrees with you.
  8. I still have kids around most of the time. I ask one of them to open it when my fingers are affected or are putting pressure on a bleeder. My days without them are coming soon though...
  9. I stand by my assessment. Look at the attachment points. I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt it. My guess is the first impeller was a mistake.
  10. I am not sure I have started this well. If they spin the same direction, they will create the static pressure in two different zones in the cage. Alternate the spin for each, and they will not create the same level of static pressure, but will at least be creating it in the same zone inside the cage. Since flipping the curve makes for better flow, makes me suspect enough to ask the question. Again, the cage is going to function better without cavitation and interruption of flow. Admittedly, my experience is not dust cyclones, but in alarm horns. The principles are common though.
  11. I can easily see that these are not designed to spin in the same direction. One will direct air to the center and the other to the outside if spun in the same direction. The design of the cage and the direction of airflow through the cage will prefer one over the other. I don’t have that machine’s specs in front of me, but work in this enough to easily spot how they will move air differently.
  12. Those two impellers are not set up to spin the same way. Any chance your motor was wired to spin backward?
  13. No worries. Just didn’t want to get your hopes up. Costco is the cheapest I see currently.
  14. Steve has not been here for about a year now. Notice also that the post you quoted is three years old.