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  1. All the furniture labels stuck under finish and look fine for 100 years. Not really sure why a sticker is being talked down. Just because it is photo paper?
  2. Crows follow the Red-tails here. Blue Jays call out the Cooper’s. Crows follow the Red-tail only to try to steal the squirrels once caught. Cooper’s aren’t making a dent on the bird population here.
  3. Two thoughts... 1) you still aren’t sharp enough, or 2) there is short grain in that end grain, and the uplift of the lower cutting angle is pulling that grain out. Solutions? More sharp, or introduce a high angle secondary face on that low angle blade. Also, you might try a lighter cut. Too aggressive a set can create a lot of uplift.
  4. Indoor? Outdoor? Shellac might be ok for a wall hanger in a conditioned space.
  5. I cannot answer that for you. “Best” is going to rely on your tooling and skill set. I don’t have a band saw, so I hand saw and chisel. I would chisel the bottom of the “notch” to lock the assembly to the correct angle. I don’t suppose the half laps mentioned would be a bad way either.
  6. Bridle joints and through dowels. Not bridal, not a pun...bridle, like horse tack.
  7. I use rolling carts as project rests at times. It is nice to pop the glue off at the end.
  8. I started ownership with an 1860 Colonial. I now own a 1952 Ranch. The styles I gravitated toward were those I could envision in the house. That means I am after dramatically different pieces now. That is highly non-specific, but fitting to frame the conversation.
  9. Chickadee?? I like that he tries stuff and then reports back.
  10. Here is what makes me suspect this is dried stripper. You were stripping the edge. Notice the unaffected portions at the edge contrasting with darker toward the center. I suspect the area of focus was applied more heavily, and stayed damp. (Red)
  11. Have you tried the stripper itself? As I recall, it comes as a gel and is supposed to be kept from drying. Maybe test a small area with fresh stripper? Also, that does not look like veneer. I’d be tempted to see what light sanding achieved before trying a ton of other chemicals. Not arguing with the post above. Just suggesting a thing or two to try if their tech support is not helpful.
  12. No offense intended BJ, but you answered the wrong question. He asked where your info comes from. Have all your years been in the same location? 1/2 down is typical here also. Perhaps your market is an outlier?
  13. Sad. I wondered, when his shop went up for sale.