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  1. I run Windows 10 machines at school that have the Snipping Tool...
  2. You need to start with square and true. Board end and baseline do not look straight.
  3. Tpt life

    Chop saw

    I have seen many of these saws wear out without needing that to be done. That said, lemons do get released from time to time. How confident are you that you do not have dust built up? On the job, I am used to seeing these saws sprayed with compressed air from time to time.
  4. Tpt life

    Chop saw

    I assume this the bevel and not the table pivot?
  5. That’s easy on iOS. (Apple products.)
  6. The lines I see are milling marks. Coarser paper to start would help that.
  7. What evidence do we have that this is veneer? That V groove is deeper than most commercial veneer. Teak is not likely to let a ton of glue through like some species.
  8. Well deserved, in my opinion.
  9. 400 at the shop: Every new home I worked on did this. The meter and huge panel were hung from “carriage house” garage structures and sub panels fed the house. No need for any hardware hanging from the house that way. 400 was never dedicated to the shop only.
  10. At least you shot the nail into the right end. Also, without a chamber, those fire off with little affect at all.
  11. You have to chase down the specific trz posted at this time in 2015. Try searching his posts. I don’t own 7 CFM and run roofing guns in summer. I’d have to upgrade to spray most things.
  12. Would you pay me $300 to bring it down? My spring break is the first full week of April. Out of curiosity, who are you buying from? (I am mostly kidding.)
  13. Cherry will change over time regardless of finish. Some finishes May hasten or slow the process, but that is all. The length of time your boards sit around will determine how deep that change gets. In a normal workflow, yes sanding will even things out. But, there will be some natural variation in the fresh portions anyway.
  14. Welcome to the forums. This is an old thread that is likely resolved, but it is good of you to step in here in this way.