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  1. I left the house for the first time in two weeks today. Will remain isolated, but out of the house.
  2. I would not consider that over thinking. I would consider it belt and suspenders.
  3. “Buy a model”...took me a minute.
  4. Ollie with the YouTube account “Drain Addict” jets about 20% fat, 50% tree roots, and 30% wet wipes.
  5. That needs paper. You could caulk it with painters tape, that would be the flexible option, but it will always show without a proper treatment like it is a joint. .
  6. Mesh is good for plaster base, and riverine cracks make me suspicious it’s plaster.
  7. Riverine shape would indicate settling. Foundation if the house is dry. Water intrusion and rot are another suspect.
  8. Drywall cracks are often hanging issues. If the boards are screwed to truss bottom cords, they should not be screwed within two feet of any interior wall. The truss bottom will lift and lower at times, tearing the paper joint. Is this a ceiling joint? Also, mud shrinks as it cures and should have paper or mesh to reinforce. Bleck....too many words. Can you post pics?
  9. There are five of us that normally spend all day at school. We don’t get school lunch, so no need for more food. But consider people who eat out regularly but now anticipate staying home. Consider how paper usage might increase as we potty at home more, clean more meal messes up, etc. It makes sense to me...up to a point. I am NOT saying that many did not get carried away.
  10. Hi Lisa. Welcome to the forums!
  11. I agree Ross but It’s balance for me. I think the top on the inspiration needs to slide right to find a proportion that is more pleasing from that angle. Might look fine from other angles.
  12. Just use it. It’s soft, it will move a bit, it’ll darken over time. Time will give it character.
  13. Tpt life


    They are shy at times. The best experiences are when you are out and they come to you.
  14. We are all schooling from home. (Two teachers and three students.) We had to report to school Monday. Only one confirmed case in county last night. Not stressed, but in that wait two weeks to see if any of us were exposed.
  15. Stamped frog. Budget model. Likely pattern made by license.