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Community Answers

  1. Typically, braces run from hinge locations upward to minimize sagging. I am not sure when angling opposite ever got started.
  2. Don’t handhold Anything while trying to bore with that. Ross, even with a brace, the lead screw needs to match the hardness of the material. Softwoods and hardwoods often require a different lead screw taper.
  3. Wider is a little tougher to push at times, but only marginally when sharp. PS, my favorite for smoothing tends toward 5 1/2. Totally personal preference there.
  4. Tpt life


    House Martins are European birds with white chin and breast. Pictured above, with red in that area, are Barn Swallows.
  5. I am on the Toll Rd in IN. I would get on to a service station to say hi in person if schedule allowed.
  6. Which way around the lake? Chicago or Makinac?
  7. Within 40 miles of me are well over a thousand gas stations. I think it is just that simple.
  8. The angle of the cover would make me echo unscrewing the black lever.
  9. Tpt life


    Sometimes my career and hobby collide.
  10. This guy modified some old beast to accept a jet mortiser. Not sure that is what you are after, but your question brought it to mind.
  11. I prefer drilling the mortar and using nylon inserts with standard stainless screws. Just my preferred method.
  12. Flow would be measured in a cfm measure at the inflow gate. As the filter loads, it clogs to such a place that not enough air will move to clear fines. You can get air flow meters you can hold in the inflow at your tools. Not sure the calculations each might require.
  13. Typical wisdom is that modern filters fail from loading more frequently than from anything else. This approach means you need to figure a flow rate at which you fail the filter.
  14. I was shocked at how cheaply the local bike shop would repair my wife’s bike. Their money must be made through sales.