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  1. Tpt life

    Bosch 12” SCMS accuracy issue

    You have a lot of answers that may or may not matter here. Having said that, they are truthful enough and should be kept in mind. Answering your situation directly: A wandering blade is almost certainly dull or ground wrong.
  2. Tpt life

    Opinion poll 3hp v. 5hp for home shop

    Often HP is about feed rate. 5 HP and a power feeder makes for easy all day quick ripping.
  3. Tpt life

    Church Alter plans

    Try altar...not to be a spelling curmudgeon, but misspellings often bring bad results.
  4. Tpt life

    Herringbone style sliding barn doors

    Hard to say. I think ply to ply should have similar skin tendencies. I’d not trust recommendation without trial there though.
  5. Tpt life

    Herringbone style sliding barn doors

    Not odd, but balanced. Two identical layers is balanced. Two differing layers is unbalanced and benefits from the balancing third layer. I believe this has been poorly articulated online for awhile now.
  6. Tpt life

    Herringbone style sliding barn doors

    Yeah, that’s a hybrid. It’s not parquet, herringbone, or classic weave. Under two over three on the weave is not very balanced. There is no good way to do that beyond surface application.
  7. Tpt life

    Herringbone style sliding barn doors

    Drawings will help. If you mean what I think about herringbone, some tongue and groove relief with careful spacing can allow all the movement needed. It need not be veneer unless you mean a thousand small pieces vs angled planks.
  8. Tpt life

    PowerMax 244 sander

    Post a picture?
  9. Tpt life

    Kerfing wooden door sill

    Notice the grain orientation. The kerfing is intended to keep that board from warping with humidity as the longer rings will grow a touch more than the shorter. If you can source a different sweep, then it is more common to have a sealant seat that is wider than a mere kerf. Like Tom alludes to, that is likely unnecessary, but could help make less mess with sealants.
  10. Tpt life

    Fuji HVLP for Gelcoat?

    I watch Andy a fair bit due to the fact that I was working in a boat a short while ago. It is nice to read Tom’s post as his commentary explains some why behind Andy using PVA.
  11. Tpt life

    Sharpening Help

    That curve does not make me think you stayed square with even pressure as you honed.
  12. Just checking. Tried that one to see about Rob as well. The three months allowed me to get a lot from the archive. Good thing it was winter here. There was a lot of talk to wade through.
  13. Woodcraft or Wood River?
  14. Tpt life

    Angel Oak

    On my list for sure. I have been blessed to see sequoia and baobab with my own eyes while standing at their base. I have also walked virgin timber at the state park near here. Untouched trees amaze me.
  15. Tpt life

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Best friend from school is Ecuadorian. You missed my point. Sometimes labels don’t reflect total history but rather a well known part. Fact is that fewer Ecuadorians wore the hat than you’d think as many in the mountains wear felt and knit versions. Not necessarily disagreeing more than clarifying that I know what you say. Fact is Roubo built traditional benches. We call them Roubo inspired because he drew them in books. Again, no argument. Just filling out the thought I had.