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  1. LP Smartside is typically compressed, resin impregnated OSB. It is a good option if available.
  2. Try it. It would be one way to check if there is actually wax in the tin.
  3. It definitely sounds like it got hot. Wax liquifies with heat. Let it cool and check it again.
  4. Sail boat boathouse? Gothic arch timber frames are fancy? Mostly just messing, but I’d love to build one.
  5. You can buy kiln dried treated. That does not need to sit to dry.
  6. As a teacher, I need a four year degree to be licensed. As this is my second “career,” I can say I understand trades. Most of my colleagues do not. They push what they know.
  7. That stub is a part of the bottom of the case that sits flush with and underneath the door. If you do not cut it off, it will stick out beyond the door. Look at the right side. It should be clear there. Drew answered your question by referencing a rabbet. That rabbet is where the doors sits.
  8. Lights on, I might. No lights, not a chance.
  9. Punch presses (arbor press) make riveting and cutting the relief hole a fast process for production. They are rather one trick ponies though. You’d have to source not just the press, but any cutter and anvil pieces you’d need.
  10. Taking that to Dead Horse?
  11. For lowish, I’d rock that area for walking...then plant some interest things you might like to occasionally prune or harvest. For us in the north, grass is so common, and rock area could be a feature.
  12. I use Tekton torque wrenches. They work well, but one came apart on me. Just needed some thread lock or something. I consider that a QC issue I would warn to be aware of.
  13. You know you can flip those and only see louvers? Your choice, but as a builder I would flip those in a client home.
  14. I live two miles from a Carter Lumber. They bring me stuff at no charge.
  15. Irrigation controllers supply to a mag switch. I suspect your mag switch relay had failed. To be sure, verify there is no 24v coming off the controller.