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  1. Got interrupted reading the first bit and had to do a double take. Thought that was a bold suggestion. Back on subject...Bob Lang is a member here and has proven to be helpful and approachable.
  2. If you’ve never used a band saw, I’d buy coffee for an experienced hand at the community center. I’d not suggest first cuts on project material.
  3. I love both fruiting Apple and Pear. I cannot spend on board quantities, but love making small things with it.
  4. True, but it is not necessary. I think the point was just overstated above.
  5. I’d treat it like a cutting board. Mineral oil only. It will need renewal, but that’s easy.
  7. Chisel a wedged mortise. Even a very slight bit wider at the bottom. Put a kerf in the tenon. Put the wedge into the mortise, then push the handle tenon kerf onto the wedge. Practice first. Theoretically it does not even need glue.
  8. Ash borers often don’t tunnel deep. They eat the cambium layer under the bark.
  9. Hand plane shaving get chopped, then integrated with wax to make camping fire starters.
  10. Read Tom’s carefully again. You might need a block to keep your big from skipping. This depends on the style of drill bit you choose. He, however, referenced a sight block alongside the angle you need, not a block you drill through.
  11. I am confused what you want? The beauty of the table saw is that the fence gets set and you rip to your hearts content.
  12. Ha! “Counter” is what my device puts when it does not trust that I meant “contour.” Straight line gaps hide more easily than the curvy contoured ones. With regard to hiring in... You have little to lose but time. Give it a go first then hire in only if overwhelmed. My two cents.