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  1. It’s not that it’s a cross cut, it’s that it is a narrow rip off a board that is wider than long. Remember, it’s a cutting board blank. It does not run far out of frame. Yes, there is risk. He mitigates risk with a riving knife and guard, while maintaining feed pressure with the push stick. If you cannot do this on your saw, I would use a crosscut sled.
  2. We use cedar in decks because it weathers nicely untreated. I’d be tempted to wet the whole wall down. It looks like bleeding tannins unless it is still wet. If you try it, start with a small inconspicuous area.
  3. Google Meet audio only requires very little bandwidth. You wind up the odd man out as it becomes a VOIP conference call at that point, but most of my meetings require no visual.
  4. I guess I never expected you lived with it for three years. That’s not my personality.
  5. That’s what made me search veneer products also. The base makes me think repeatable processes, not one off.
  6. Well, searching those terms only hits in body armor. Is it possible that sold so long ago that it was pre-internet?
  7. Tpt life


    Love my Woodpecker large squares. About the only thing I’d pay their price for to date. That said, I think I’d make my next if I needed it. WP have lots of nice registration surfaces, but they are heavy.
  8. It has been over three years. What worked last time?
  9. Looks like a mortise machine missing the motor.
  10. I expect to sit in the co-pilot’s seat.
  11. My oldest graduates a month late. 40 students will graduate at a time, with no more than four guests in attendance. That will limit the crowd to be socially distant, with a max attendance of 250 persons, in a 1500 seat football stadium.