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  1. To keep heat from burning, increase humidity.
  2. Heat...? I know it’s reversible. That’s what makes it my go to repairing musical instruments. The repair shop can easily take my work apart. EDIT: Through some evil forum magic, this comment posted someplace wildly different yesterday afternoon. Keep digging, I know reversal is possible.
  3. What’s the green tape on your chisels for?
  4. I can only answer one part. Acetone will flash off so quickly, I have never seen it interfere with following finishes.
  5. Looks like over pressurization to me. Doesn’t look like weld failure or enough rust to matter.
  6. Those are radial cracks from a log center. You can humidify and oil all you like, some will persist. I have the same kind of carvings from Zim. They don’t diminish value in my eyes.
  7. Tape measure lays out a story stick for me. Doing more sketching up on thin ply per Steve’s oft given advice. Speaking of, where’d he go?
  8. Lab background made me want to make that change. The danger in UHMW or HDPE is that cuts curl and don’t stay open to dry and be cleaned. They have been known to not necessarily be cleaned well in home dishwashers.
  9. Rim joist is a term that talks about a structural support underneath the deck surface. It seems you are attempting some form of banding. I don’t know a good way to band a deck like that. Hopefully someone else can help. That’s not a thing I have seen done.
  10. A 20ft tall silver will have little to no lumber value. I think I misread before replying earlier. Or, do you mean you cut 50ft trees back by 30ft?
  11. Threaten to countersue all legal fees. They have no case barring historical significance, which has no language about limbs in airspace. That so many have told you this and you seek value anyway makes me think you are trying to sell the trees and split profit somehow. Something just doesn’t ring completely true in every sense. No accusation, but can you help make sense of the issue as I see it?
  12. I have a bunch of Massaranduba because it was discarded for the same behavior. A decade of drying while I waited on it proved that the problem was a faulty drying process from the supplier. Reach out to whomever you purchased from. They need to know.
  13. A lot of cabinetry is double walled in the center divider, with a face frame that hides how the two halves are screwed together. The top then covers from the top.
  14. That looks very limited. Is it only this one spot or many? I seriously doubt it is the glue and suspect a contaminate.
  15. Tommy Mac was pushed to be more exuberant for TV. In person he’s more moderate.