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    Looks like how they used to cover shallow water meters or coal shoot openings.
  2. Related question paired with a guess. Is M7 a ball bearing size?
  3. I have seen many bird nests with “roof” systems of sorts. Many cavity dwellers that bore into dead trees and limbs prefer the enclosure.
  4. Cedar shingles would last years, why does it need to be one piece?
  5. I mix epoxy in the nominal batch and use a plastic syringe for small repairs quite often. Yes, this wastes a bit, but I am not weighing out micro portions, but counting pumps. Time is money too. You can search here for some experiments others have done to find the most clear formulations
  6. My driver carries large trash bags for that circumstance. What do do you hope to do with the CNC?
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    I like Lightroom because, any imports and edits I do on phone or tablet, sync to all devices…including the Mac.
  8. Don, (PB) often touted simple plywood blocks with crosscut dados that formed pieces that would self register on a corner without clamps. The only tricky part of that is cutting the dado tight to the ply thickness. Relatively easy to store a large number and glue up several carcasses easily at the same time.
  9. Road cases have similar hardware, all the way from steamer trunks to modern gig rigs. You just have to find the supply houses for their manufacture. I have gotten lucky in the past but cannot remember where.
  10. So, the hardness of epoxy means that swings rely on the rebound of wood. If this is softer than wood, you will rely on the rebound of the filler. That would make me nervous about it working loose. Just processing thoughts.
  11. I’d want to test it. Not having heard of this approach, I’d want to know how stable it is through temp swings, and how hard it sets.
  12. I do remember the discussion in the build videos. Marc is responsive to his audience. As a content creator, he had demands for things built with “lesser” (read less expensive) hardware. This is pure analysis without critique. I think his audience made it clear it was not enough to mention using other hardware in the build videos.
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    The lion was a shot from my second trip to Zimbabwe. That was an amazing set of experiences.
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    I am a symphonic Trumpet player and middle school music teacher as my primary career at the moment. I gained mentorship here not because of this, but because of my OSHA interactions during a former career running the power tools we use. When I realized I was being Googled by students, I tried to remove my name from my posts in order to not bring unwelcome traffic here. I will be far more free with my information in less public interactions.
  15. This was an issue with the fast drying version. I think others fixed this with a hairdryer.
  16. I have used a lot of Johnson’s. What makes you ask?
  17. On a computer, you need a Unicode map. On mobile devices, try long pressing the “equals.”
  18. In years of daily use, I have never seen a large piece of plywood kick. I push them squared behind the sheet. The cutoff is more likely to fly. In this circumstance, no single rule works for all situations. You have to know how much weight each piece has, and how much of the piece will be behind the blade by the time uplift forces will matter. If your fence clamps, you can put a down roller on it. With a riving knife, I have never seen a kicking concern. With a riving knife and guard, I have never seen an injury. (Just my experience. It could be done.) The pieces have to get small before I remove the guard. Only for special circumstances do I remove the knife.
  19. Speaking of old stupid stuff, 12 22.5° fittings laid dead level in a shepherds hook configuration. I greatly simplified and sloped this three years ago. I think the plumber set this with whatever was in the truck that day.
  20. Tapping is an art that requires touch. If you don’t have that touch, back the fence with your other hand or stripe an indicator mark so that you don’t hit a loose spot and over travel.
  21. Answers will vary based on what you have at hand. I would take hand-plane shavings and glue them to one face. You just have to carefully sand to fit.
  22. If the blade is dirty, not sharp, or ground wrong, the cut will wander. Add this to the list of variables.
  23. If this was about school safety, we’d never use DST. There would be many more 6:00-6:00 days with light in standard time all year. Most are not boarding a bus before 6:00, or departing a bus after 6:00. This decision is clearly about other factors.