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  1. Did the blowoff valve fail? Those are recommended to be tested once a month. Not sure more than 1% ever does, but you have that picky kind of personality about some things so I thought I’d mention it. I take the time to pipe my blow off to my sump drain. Makes it less messy when I cycle mine seasonally. It may be too late for you D, but I take the time to type that to hopefully help someone else.
  2. Not a bad post, but none of the above confused any of that.
  3. Good catch Ross, I misread that. I don’t see anything in the manual other than a lot of cautionary language about using blades approved for the saw. Naomi, can you please list the blade information? What Freud blade?
  4. Just confirming, there should be a washer style clamp under the arbor nut. In other words, two things go outside the blade. Have you installed that correctly and still have issues?
  5. The one inch per foot is often touted for random orbit sanders to avoid leaving pig tails.
  6. I am not saying it cannot be done Coop, but if the OP is cutting a lot…
  7. I don’t have issues with Forstner bits walking with a drill press. In fact, they are one of the best options for off axis cuts as the rim typically cuts first to prevent tear out. If you hold the pieces in a jig, I think the biggest issue is the torque required to spin that large a bit. My press couldn’t do it. Forstners cut like planes, shaving a lot at the same time. A hole saw would cut faster and cause less torque. If you jig it right, that takes care of not having the center also. On the other hand… Hole saws tend to not cut as cleanly. That means clean up of some kind. I don’t see a magic shortcut button. A lot of those means a lot of work.
  8. Tpt life


    Great Kiskadee!! Caught Monarchs on my American Milkweed.
  9. Take a look at the guts of a wide belt.
  10. Semantics. Drums tend to be wrapped, wide belt are literally belts. It is not an edge sander, but it is wide belt face sander. There is no “drum.” These sanders are driven by rubber spindles that are quite narrow. This is literally the difference between hobby and production. The belt offers much more surface area, so heats less over continuous use, and lasts much longer before change is necessary.
  11. Number and frequency of posts. Forum reputation. Special account status. It explains down lower on the account page.
  12. I’d stop by any local store that you may know someone. You need a hundred bucks and maybe a case of bottles. You want a business that has a fork lift. Pallet your tools. Offer the money and drink for their guy for an hour. Masonry stores around here have lifts that ride the flatbed truck. I’d never expect a good price from Enterprise as they make money off short trip cars.
  13. Thanks for sharing. Looks very nice.
  14. Ours all read out wirelessly to the curb. Very few leave their vehicles to read meters anymore.
  15. Can you describe what you experienced for us? The first pic looks concerning, the third does not. What is making that spot look wet in the first pic? Oak has open grain in those dark areas and a big spot like that dark area will drink a ton in and potentially got sanded low. The third pic does look like grain variation.
  16. Google bandsaw reindeer or search that term in the search bar of this site.
  17. From the way the grain is obscured, you removed a tinted top coat. Stripping and starting that whole shelf over is likely the best option. Turn the whole piece upside down and use the unseen bottom to work toward the desired effect.
  18. I’d sleeve it so that the water drips from the sleeve and cannot run between plies.
  19. All kinds of smart to have line sets come out the underside of an inset. Less reliance on caulking, and UV shading for what caulking you need.
  20. Two thoughts, either you don’t have all the varnish off, or that’s the way the wood looks when dry and dusty. Do a test on an inconspicuous area to see how to best clean that after scraping. Don’t run the risk of ruining the top.
  21. I will have to dig, but I think a Google Voice account is customizable.
  22. The way to reduce pressure vs resistance (which creates the noise) is to taper from smaller to larger as you wind around. Not is a straight linear way, or you get the megaphone affect. A stepped design should work.
  23. I hate to be that guy, but do you mean pneumococcal?
  24. Pneumonia shot? Pneumonia is a condition.