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  1. Too much vacuum will do the same Ross.
  2. I’d practice with the card scraper before taking it to your piece. Scratches are not normal and likely mean you need practice establishing the working edge.
  3. Hey Sharon, try Looking up card scraper use and see if that is an option you might try.
  4. Yes. Any dust or debris will wipe off with the wax. I would estimate that’s an every third year project when one drawer is not sliding like I want.
  5. I wipe the old wax off when I re-wax.
  6. I see curves a lot, however, matching the curves to countertops etc. is epic.
  7. That is a somewhat flawed thought, but good question. IKEA comes from a Euro model, where cabinetry is not provided and must be moved from apartment to apartment by the tenant. Some may not hold up, most will.
  8. Tpt life


    Went National Park hopping this last week.
  9. Using dry lube in several places I don’t want dust has not led to any premature wear. I question this advice as universal. Teflon is my go-to. I think the difference is the tolerance built into table saw gearing to allow for the grease they intend.
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    No way an 18 year old would be admitted in our middle school without a check. Not sure how this one got into an elementary.
  11. Operative word…”dream” Capstan table.
  12. My only experience is with Apple products, but newer in-ear applications feature noise transparency. I can sit in a room full of students, listening to my music creation, while able to hear them. I think my device acts as a microphone. I can adjust volume, and room noise adjusts also. This excites me, as tuning out machine noise is not best for a shop, in my opinion. Reducing it is my goal.
  13. It’s not frequency, that’s a rate. It’s pressure. Noise cancellation negates pressure variation. Hearing loss is caused when cillia become overstimulated rapidly, and the body cannot adjust fast enough. Your ear can handle a variety of pressures. Evening out the variation should not ever cause damage.
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    Glad someone caught that.
  15. Tpt life


    Still having fun chasing flappers.
  16. Yeah, it looks like it forms traditional looped end rebar ties.
  17. Just careful of grain runout. Circular tables often require a quadrant of very shallow climb cuts to avoid tear out.
  18. Tinted topcoats exist for people who want no variation. Pianos are often coated with tinted lacquer to minimize variations between different species chosen for different parts’ needs.
  19. I have kept an eye on several such video diaries. Lots to learn about stone, glass, lead and the like.
  20. I also change my own, so don’t hear any argument in this. I just find this a funny statement to read. All the oil change places here are pits. Full coach busses would fit through the doors. Wide load tractors might not.
  21. Tpt=trumpet. The best of the several I play.
  22. I am in what was once the band instrument capitol of the world. I play with any orchestra that will take me, and teach young ones to play. I see a fairly diverse audience here, but most young people would never listen to that kind of music anywhere else. The concert is just an experience.
  23. Roughly 3.8 litres per gallon. (So 18ish gallons Terry.) That number is in my mind as my first job was custodial, and early one gallon flush urinals came dually labeled. EDIT: that makes your price double what I am currently paying here.
  24. Can Mapp be purchased anymore? Some research a few years ago led me to believe yellow bottles are no longer Mapp.