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  1. Life experience says this is generally true, but false when stated so universally.
  2. Tpt life

    Twin Turbo Vise

    Nah, steam punk would warrant bronze.
  3. Tpt life

    Twin Turbo Vise

    Izzy Swan pinky
  4. Explore this more fully for the bigger readership. Are you never working long board faces so have no need? Are you using dog holes to wedge shim or something like it? Are you using holdfasts and lathe strips? I don’t see a down side to the tail other than cost, but I see it as a huge efficiency convenience in some workflows. I’ve seen a lot on this topic about cost. I’d love to move the conversation to those other factors and why the cost is not justifiable to you after using your bench awhile.
  5. Tpt life

    How do I make a table top with trim

    Lots of work tables are built with that trim acting as a bump guard. The tables are typically plywood, wich is generally more stable, and the “trim” helps keep edge bumps from delaminating the ply. You could likely veneer some ply with the maple of your choice and miter a trim as you like.
  6. Tpt life

    Hand tool cabinet in maple

    Fairly simple....ha!!! They make heat boxes to heat evenly around the diameter. Clean sweeps are super tricky without practice. It’s a narrow window between under and over heating. It can be done, I’ve done a fair bit. Mostly because of failed first attempts.
  7. Tpt life

    What kind of wood is it?

    He told you like it is, Andy. Clean end grain shots help, or research the site posted.
  8. Tpt life

    Avoiding "puddles" of dyed epoxy

    Cut the tape with the contour.
  9. Tpt life

    Wall Clock

    Dang, saw this and went looking at the cost of clockworks without ever giving this a thumbs up. Yep, that’s how fast it took me there. Looks good.
  10. Tpt life

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Mountain dulcimer. Some say Ozark, some say Appalachian.
  11. Tpt life

    What kind of hinge is this?

    The hinge style is an offset knife hinge. I am striking out finding them with the built in friction/limiting slide.
  12. Tpt life

    Fine Woodworking Archive.

    I find it easier to search than the online archive.
  13. Tpt life

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Not being critical. Just sharing what I saw at my dad’s house. I get poplar mostly for secondary parts and not show parts anyway. Just a shame how some fresh cut looks cannot be preserved.
  14. Tpt life

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    I’ve seen rainbow poplar. It was all brown inside of six months.
  15. Tpt life

    Attaching face frame

    G-Dubs on it. Parallel clamps and wedge shims have worked for me like those spring clamps. For the shelves though, I like to flush edge banding with the shelf, and then set the shelves flush with the face frame. For a pantry I would not go for a monolithic face frame. Also, 22g puns are likely to swell shut with wetness from grain raising, leaving you with nothing to fill.
  16. Well done. I chased trademark logs a long way, but you had success!
  17. Connection...I chose that word carefully. I work with first gen every day.
  18. That has some similarity to the hammer and compass that was the East German industrial icon. It varies enough so I don’t think that’s it, but there may be a Euro connection. I’ve searched three mountains, three gables, TWV, and dividers as trademark or foundry mark.
  19. Tpt life

    12" Jointer

    Vintage Industrial. If you don’t mind sourcing bearings that may be shot, they seem to be great machines. If you don’t like the maintenance of older tools, I’d deeply dig into what the current owner has done with the machine.
  20. Tpt life

    asking about sharpening and grit

    I don’t see the scrub as the same kind of tool. I am running it with huge camber and across the grain most often. It is half as wide and the camber means I may only be using half the width of the iron. I think mayb some don’t finely hone the scrub because it will still cut and push easily.
  21. Tpt life

    minimum width for plywood

    4.5” doesn’t make sense unless your beam still captures a lot of the full sheet, leaving the 4.5” as filler. Likely, you will need to bridge the distance between two beams which may be much more than 4.5”. If your beams are fairly close to 4” wide, I’d center the full sheet and go ahead with 2” of filler ripped on either side of it.
  22. Tpt life

    Splinters after sanding

    This happens with cedar also when planing. This is a sign of either heat softening the lignin, or the bond between growth rings just not being very strong. The grain running almost parallel leaves thin spots that taper to nothing in the middle of a board. I do not know the fix. I saw this while building things that could be left in a more rustic state, or puttied after paint. Interested what the other guys have to say.
  23. Tpt life

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    I teach middle school music. (Band mostly, hence tpt life.) My breaks are more tightly controlled.
  24. Tpt life

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Man, if I had a week free that would sound awesome. This part of winter I get itching for a hard labor week to get kicked back into gear.
  25. Tpt life

    Tool wall for deep bench

    Corner anchor a tv swing arm? Pivot to back wall or side wall.