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    Glad someone caught that.
  2. Tpt life


    Still having fun chasing flappers.
  3. Yeah, it looks like it forms traditional looped end rebar ties.
  4. Just careful of grain runout. Circular tables often require a quadrant of very shallow climb cuts to avoid tear out.
  5. Tinted topcoats exist for people who want no variation. Pianos are often coated with tinted lacquer to minimize variations between different species chosen for different parts’ needs.
  6. I have kept an eye on several such video diaries. Lots to learn about stone, glass, lead and the like.
  7. I also change my own, so don’t hear any argument in this. I just find this a funny statement to read. All the oil change places here are pits. Full coach busses would fit through the doors. Wide load tractors might not.
  8. Tpt=trumpet. The best of the several I play.
  9. I am in what was once the band instrument capitol of the world. I play with any orchestra that will take me, and teach young ones to play. I see a fairly diverse audience here, but most young people would never listen to that kind of music anywhere else. The concert is just an experience.
  10. Roughly 3.8 litres per gallon. (So 18ish gallons Terry.) That number is in my mind as my first job was custodial, and early one gallon flush urinals came dually labeled. EDIT: that makes your price double what I am currently paying here.
  11. Can Mapp be purchased anymore? Some research a few years ago led me to believe yellow bottles are no longer Mapp.
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    It takes only rudimentary safety precautions, but also the understanding to properly apply them. Most take short cuts. No pun intended.
  13. I don’t know what makes the difference between the tidy suburban and the mangy rural.
  14. There are calculators online for how much each species is expected to move along and across the grain. You just need to allow for that distance in your fastening. Check how people elongate holes in breadboard ends as the fasteners go out from center. A little planning can save a ton of effort.
  15. The theory behind slatted outdoor furniture, is that each slat will have minimal movement and lots of space to move. If you plan for movement, you can have a decent amount of success. I would caution against permanent horizontal placement. I’d hinge the top so that it could rest vertically if you make it solid.
  16. Was the other day, but a “local” state park is focused around a grist mill that has a milling set up also.
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    Ross, that is how primers work in general. They are not made to flow cover or build film. They are designed to bind and flash off so that film building happens uniformly without as much bleed through.
  18. Tpt life


    I love it as a cover stain. It does not dry any faster than other primers I have used. It can pore fill small pores.
  19. Jigs for marking, yes. Jigs for sawing, no. They will not help you develop good sawing technique.
  20. Tpt life


    We leave our teen years behind in late April.
  21. I am sooooo glad Apple Music offers lossless now. As a classical nut, that’s a must.
  22. Yeah, we get that much in three hours at least ten times a year. Ours fell Friday and was mostly gone Friday afternoon. Lake effect has been dropping on and off, but 60° is predicted for tomorrow.
  23. Many committed members became content creators (and so began their own smaller crowds), several grew tired of repeated queries and drifted. You are not alone in feeling the decline.
  24. I still would like a picture. Genuine duct foil tape is what I am thinking.