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  1. I will have to dig, but I think a Google Voice account is customizable.
  2. The way to reduce pressure vs resistance (which creates the noise) is to taper from smaller to larger as you wind around. Not is a straight linear way, or you get the megaphone affect. A stepped design should work.
  3. I hate to be that guy, but do you mean pneumococcal?
  4. Pneumonia shot? Pneumonia is a condition.
  5. Is this on city water? If so, the valve is likely stuck open. Depending on the age and style, you can pull the core and check the electronics.
  6. He is talking about a mitered box. Where would the edge show?
  7. Someone above made reference to my “bugs” comment by saying this vaccine is different. That may be true, but we have a horrible track record as humans, for not accounting for the unexpected consequence. The menstrual issues following one issuance prove to me there is some variance between models. I don’t want to talk anyone down, but I am so healthy through natural immunity care, that I won’t be rushing out. I will be patient. That said, as a teacher...I expect schools will require it at some point.
  8. I am waiting. I am not 100% opposed, but feel this was very rushed. Add to this that through four bouts of being told some person in my small family tested positive, we have showed almost no reaction after the first, and that was less severe than the side effects of the shots that we are seeing. Being at so low a risk, and thinking it will get better over time, we are being very patient.
  9. Yes, Tapatalk is not connected to this forum and does not play nicely with it.
  10. I don’t experience this except on Sunday mornings when the host tends to update the servers. Might help to post in the support sun forum and list what browser and equipment you are using.
  11. Never above the surface to get hit by a mower and works from 4 feet deep.
  12. You can find smaller old Stanley clones quite easily for cheaper. They are easy to tune. I have never wanted larger than the medium, but I keep both rabetting block planes and a rabetting coach plane. To clarify, I personally would recommend the medium.
  13. Amazon did not pack that. An Amazon fulfillment provider or individual sales partner did.
  14. 19 years, and she still wears my ring.
  15. I get criticized at times for not posting work pics here, but I am not doing the sexy work very often at all. I am being called on to repair things like a single kitchen drawer that blew out. At times like that, the depth of the jaws of a parallel clamp means half as many clamps. The clamps that come with studs that will lock them into dog holes can also be nice in that kind of arrangement. All of that can be done with pipe clamps and cauls, but that is more work and more clamps. This is part of why I keep both around. I use what works best for any given situation.
  16. So much resin is not to my taste, but that is still a very nice piece!
  17. Tpt life


    I have had to cut back so many azaleas on tiny properties. They really are spectacular when they can be allowed the space to grow.
  18. I shattered a pane setting a window on Saturday, but that was my own stupidity as I am out of practice. I supported it improperly as I mulled a set of windows into a single unit. The glass was a $300 mistake, but it was only one of a dual pane assembly, so I installed it while I had help. That means my mistake is on display until the replacement arrives.
  19. Tpt life


    That would be an enormous shadow on the moon. My bet would be something much smaller closer to your camera. Still neat to look at and ponder.
  20. I can see the pic, but lack confidence with an ID. Just letting people know the link works. Not sure why it did not for you, Coop.
  21. I run Windows 10 machines at school that have the Snipping Tool...
  22. You need to start with square and true. Board end and baseline do not look straight.