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  1. I did purcheess constution grade lumber. Today I jointed one face of each board and glued them together and going let them sit for a few days before I start working with them. Thanks for help.
  2. Today I purchased some 2x6s from Home Depot for stretchers for a workbench I'm building. I rough cut them and have them sitting on there edeges. Is tomorrow to early to start face glueing them together. Usually I wait a week or two. They are in my basement where my shop is located.
  3. I'm making an end grain cutting board and I found a crack in one of the boards and how can I fix this? Can it be done with out cutting it out?
  4. I use Starrett tools at work and they are second to none. They will also improve your work as well. Good choice.
  5. My wife told me to pick out what I wanted and go get it. So I went out and bought the Bosch 2 1/4 combo router set with variable speed. Haven't tried it yet.
  6. I have an older Delta contractors tablesaw with none of the newer safety feathers. My wife heard a story of a guy who was using a table saw with long sleeves and got his arm caught in the blade and bleed to death. Very sad accident. After hearing of this, she wants me to buy a Sawstop saw. Anyone have experience with these. I looking at a cabinet saw because it'll be in my basement and I think it'll help with controlling dust better than a contractor saw.
  7. I wish I would of saw this post earlier, I'm building a proto type bench before the real thing. To figure out good hieght and width, and what options I want. I'm using a solid core door for the top, it's flat and heavy, but not happy about the particle board inside.
  8. I had bought an extra bit to setup for different stock if need to.
  9. Had a great time, nice to see Matt again and meet Marc for the first time. Came down for the marketplace, got some nice new tools, and all the venders were very informative and nice to talk with. Next year classes for sure!
  10. It looks great. I have only seen it on the iPhone. Looking forward to seeing it on the big screen at home. Marc how long has this been in the works?
  11. This is my first year going also. Last year I didn't know much about it, and thought it was nothing more than a conference for professional woodworkers. I should of looked more into it. I work a block away from where it was held last year.
  12. I wasn't going to be able to go to the conference because of work so I never signed up for the classes, know it turns out I can but it's full. So I'm going to drive from weastern suburbs of Chicago to go to the market place. Anyone else traveling a good distance to go to the market place? Just wish I knew I could attend earlier.
  13. I use to go on Lumberjocks regularly, but since Marc got this one up and running I haven't been at Lumberjocks. Any others out there doing the same?
  14. It's my number 5. I think I got the problem under control now. Time will tell.