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  1. I needed and excuse / reminder to pick up your finishing book, Even though I get involved very little here I appreciate all the good things the woodwhisper brand brings to the discussion. I hope the issues resolve soon but it's obvious you have a lot of us in your corner.
  2. Sorry, a computer could never compare to the combination of a "player's handbook" and a marble bag full of dice, just don't step on the four sided ones, that'll leave a mark.
  3. Are we looking for a table around which a variety of individuals may gather to consume mass quantities of snack foods and roll multi-faceted dice with Dorito stained fingers? Pretending to play the life of another while mainlining caffeinated drinks in marathon gatherings which can last until dawn arrives. God I haven't played D&D in a couple years, I may just have to try and get the band back together... and that table would indeed be a worthy altar to help pay homage to the role playing gods. OK, so I get a little over the top sometimes, seriously though, I may just have to give
  4. oldwolf

    Bench Finish

    I used watco danish oil on both of mine and I'm very happy. Easy to recoat after a good flattening. I also built an english style bench but I modified the top to a thicker roubo style laminated top
  5. Good luck stopping at three or four. . . You'll understand soon #1 jack plane or no 5 #2 smoothing or no 4 #3 joiner or no 7 If four then a block plane
  6. I don't have a "pro shop" set up, I have my shop set up independent on some land my parents own, I do not have enough work to get going full time but I have some plans to get started, but I'm gonna take it baby steps for a long while. My plan is to make a few pieces and donate them to some local charities for auction, I like helping out the charity but I am a little selfish in that I'm going to focus on those more publicly supported by those with a higher disposable income, Doctors, lawyers and what not. We'll see if that gets me some attention and hopefully I'll get a few commissions out of t
  7. First off I would like to confess I have had plow plane envy for quite a while. I want one, infact I want a wooden one. I am just too chicken to buy a wooden one off eBay and I have yet to find a decent one for a reasonable price around the antique stores and flea market opportunities around me. I have picked up a couple blades to use in such a beauty but alas she is still missing from my life. Thus I come to my desperate plan. . . I intend to build my own plow plane from scratch. I have the materials and a good idea of how I'm going to go about it, the thing I'm lacking is some of the specifi
  8. Greetings, My name is Derek Olson and I am a hobbyist woodworker working on a plan to go full time pro, I don't have a time table for this it will happen when things are right. I run an ambitious shop and do blog about everything I do out there. (www.insidetheworkshop.blogspot.com) I was a Normite for a long time but due to circumstances I have spent the last year getting exclusively in touch with my neanderthal side and though I've began to use some of my power tools again to accomplish some of the grunt work, I think I could call myself a fully converted hybrid. I've been lightly lurking