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  1. Yea its an oldy but a goody i think fiftys .
  2. Dovtails are perfect very nice.
  3. Shaker side table with walnut and poplar. thx all
  4. First picture frame . zebra wood,aspen crotch veneerand wenge.
  5. dstring20


  6. i got a jet hybrid saw its not bad at all . i think that the cast iron wings are key . it was also only around 700 thats not to bad . Make sure to get a new blade for it to a thin kerf blade helps lots .
  7. Hello my name is Mike , im from rochester ny . Making it known that i like wood .
  8. want to build a project but only have a table saw . I have lumber with 2 sides planed from the store , so i need to make the sides even . Is there a way to do this with out a planer or jointer.thx everyone