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  1. Making them is your best bet for the odd sizes and custom woods .
  2. The vinyl stickers you see on the walls and machines. It popular with the YouTubers . People (some people) refer to them as "SHOP STICKERS" . Hopen this clears things up.
  3. Think im going to get some shop stickers made up , for those of you that have them can you suggest a place that does them ? TIA Jerry
  4. They look great , did you mount them to a pole ? Think I'll make a few also for around the shop.
  5. I too use the aluminum runners now,it saves on weight . I've made my own in the past from QS material.
  6. Seriously if your doing small work and don't think down the road you'll get into bigger projects consider the Bosch 5" RO sander. You'll save a ton of money and if you get more into the hobby you can buy a festool sander . The 125 isn't a bad sander either . I have a few Festool sander and love them all , my go too is the 150/3 . I'll be getting a new ETS 150/5 soon . The new ETS EC 150 are game changers if your doing this all day . It weights half of the older version and runs smoother but it's not cheap at $485 .
  7. Does it mention how long they are? I didn't see anything listing that infor.
  8. Dave Merry Christmas to you and the family , and lets not forget Barry .
  9. I use one as well and very happy with it .
  10. Jim Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family . Shop is coming along nice .
  11. Just picked a 9 piece spring clamp assortment for $6.00 . They had 12" f clamps on sale too , think it was 6 for $15 but don't hold me that.
  12. I like that T&G Keggers has on his walls . Think I would do that or T1-11 . I like drywall but don't like the rest of the work that comes with it , taping and mudding . If the walls and ceiling aren't insulated I would do that for sure ,in this part of the country it's worth the money .
  13. One big reason I don't like doing work for friends and friends of friends or family for that matter . Next time you'll know to be upfront with them and tell them your time is worth money whether your designing or building .
  14. By hand and eye : George Walker , Made by Hand : Tom Fidgen New Traditional Woodworker : Jim Tolpin .
  15. I do have an air compressor in my shop and I do run a HVLP conversion gun with it . The problem most hobby woodwokers will run into with a conversion gun setup like this is the compressor being to small to keep up with the gun , especially on bigger projects . I also have the Fuji MM3 turbine setup and like that setup very much . I mostly spray Water Borne finishes with it whether its clear coats or paint .
  16. I was there yesterday and saw some bessey spring clamps and the small F clamps on sale. Dewalt quick clamps also.You might find that little vac on sale too, they had a big area with all kinds of good tools on sale in the front of the tool department.
  17. Im not seeing what you , nor do I have an answer . Gremlins is all I can think of .
  18. I like heading over to Lumber Jocks for reviews , they have a section just for reviews . You should be able to find a few over there for anything your looking for . (woodworking wise)
  19. According my wood guy, Holly is best cut in the winter and needs to go in the kiln ASAP after its cut to keep that white look it's loved for. Kiln dried holly is a dream to turn , just the opposite your experiencing . Let it dry like you normally would when turning a bowl and see what happens .
  20. Never had that happen to any rasps or files I have . I would reach out to them and see whats up .Can you see any voids in the broken ends of the metal ?
  21. I have a 16/32 Performax , I'll be upgrading soon and most likely go with the SuperMax unless I win the PM from this months giveaway here .
  22. Materials + 2 x their cost gives a ballpark for me . Knowing your build time is another way to come up with a price . 20 hrs x $ (hourly rate) = $ . Don't worry about hurting his feelings , it's more important to be fair to yourself .
  23. There's probably some local small saw mills you can buy from. You shouldn't have to travel to far. Check Craigslist, ask around I'm sure you have a few local lumber yards in the area. I could name places by me but you shouldn't have to drive 2 hours to find a place. Try posting over in the members connection forum for suggestions where to buy. Post your location in the title it helps in getting the attention of locals.
  24. Great looking combo , did you epoxy the handle to the head ?