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  1. Yes. As long as there is reasonable contact with the fence and the table in the blade area, not an issue.
  2. Regardless, covering the filter only is not going to do it. Building a whole closet around it lined with insulation maybe cuts it in half. Mine made a difference, never measured it though.
  3. Not quite that bad, 10 times the energy but not 10 times perceived loudness.
  4. Highly skeptical! 10db let alone 20 is huge, ain't gonna happen.
  5. On the other hand, the breakout danger is almost 100% in the construction phase. If the joints fit once they are glued it is a non-issue. You would need to break the long grain to long grain cheek joints first, not gonna happen.
  6. For Nordfab type stuff you could get it from Grizzly or work with a local / regional dealer. The dealer I used was slightly cheaper and did a design on the computer based on my inputs of size, drops, locations etc. We went back and forth a few times, his initial design was a good 40% more expensive than the eventual compromise.
  7. Nice work James There is a bench under there somewhere LOL! It is finished with a couple coats of watco danish oil (natural fwiw), been about 7 years now and you can still readily pop off glue blobs with a chisel plane (ziiiip!).
  8. Not sure what the limit is but my hand tool cabinet is well over 200 pounds full of tools.
  9. Yes, they are excellent! The blue headed ones are harbor freight which are not bad if you stuff the bar with a wood filler. The Dubuque's are much much stiffer due to thicker metal and the detents are much closer, really like em. Still light weight and easy to handle compared to parallel clamps.
  10. Just completed a clamp rack of my own. Went for high density, I had a rack occupying the same space this one does but all it help were the orange Jorgensen clamps. I like these othe bar clamps I've acquired recently and needed a place to hang em
  11. Ditto, 5 years old, heavily used and only 25% or so off new price - no...
  12. I only have a small 12" wide drum sander which has only 1 small 2.25" port which I have connected to a 4" hose / 2Hp cyclone. The dust collection is good in that there are no clouds emerging from the machine and I've run it for a couple hours at a time with nothing visible or discernible in the air. There is however very small 'piles' that will drop off the belt as you describe sometimes.
  13. I was not saying Nordfab was the only way to go. Just a response to the 7K estimate and how could it be that high? Easily ;). The pipe is actually not that bad, it is the Wye's and all the clamps that add up quickly. PVC might be my second choice, it would give an equally airtight system I'd think.