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  1. LOL! Love it. Going away for a couple days so I'll be quite <g>. Only thing left is the cross braces for the underside of the top then sanding and finishing...
  2. Amazon, Apexstone soft close lid support, 17.99 for a pair.
  3. Functional, two hinges installed + soft close strut.
  4. Yep, plus it leaves a bit of room for a thin bumper up front.
  5. I guess that is the question, should there be no gap? The hinge has a gap when you just close the leaves, if no gap is the goal they will need to go deeper
  6. So, I've got two hinges mortised in and installed. Everything works nice, what about the gap? The leaves are flush with the surface, do I need to go deeper? Not much experience with hinging <g>.
  7. Ok, jig is finished. Works really well with a 3/8" mortising bit, just need to fine tune the depth on the router.
  8. Yep, thought the same thing. One never knows when another little one might show up after spending 20 years getting rid of the first gen so maybe better safe than sorry. I'll add the strut just for the hell of it. Makings of a mortising jig for the lid. Raising the blade through a scrap of MDF for the back wall, scrap = to the thickness of the case side cut to the width of the hinge to guide the side cuts.
  9. I have a slow close strut, two actually but I'll see how one does first
  10. Got the molding installed and the cove cut on the underside of the lid. Need to order another hinge from Horton as I only ordered 2
  11. Standing on it's feet, lid resting in place -no hinges yet.
  12. Base is in the clamps. I'll get it glued on by the end of the day. Time for molding.