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    • Lee Valley has a Feb 29th promo for the next 2 days. If you spend $150 or more you get a $29 gift card. I spoke with customer service & was told that you can make as many of those $150 purchases as you want. https://www.leevalley.com/en-us/promo/get-29-on-the-29th
    • Anyone ever do one of these kits? wonder if it saves much time/money over / good quality what are your thoughts? Can anyone estimate how much permitting (California), slab, electric, insulation, paint would end up with one of these builds? https://www.homedepot.com/p/Barn-Pros-2-Car-30-ft-x-28-ft-Engineered-Permit-Ready-Garage-Kit-with-Loft-Installation-Not-Included-THD-BP2CARG/206887030
    • Furniture just got more expensive an hour south of me.    http://www.inkfreenews.com/2020/02/28/fire-strikes-pallet-company-in-warsaw/
    • Quick update:  over the past several days, I have had a few minutes here and there to work on this project. Progress so far includes roughing out the tabletop support braces:   ... and calculating the cut angles for the base staves:   I am currently in the process of cutting 24 stave blanks to uniform dimensions, so I can use a pair of jigs (sleds, really) to form the tapered, angled cuts.  Doing this with machines, rather than the old-fashioned, hand tool way, means that starting with completely uniform parts is critical.  Transferring the angle is critical, too. Any error will be multiplied 24 times, so pucker factor is high.... In the image above, the circles represent the ID + wall thickness of the large and small ends of the cone. The angle remains the same along the edge of each stave, but the width changes. Using a drawing like this makes it simple to transfer the angles and dimensions using gauges and dividers, much more accurate than reading lines on a ruler.    
    • You're rolling!  The sash job, that I started over six months ago (can't remember when it was really), is still at this stage.  Not a stick has moved since then.  I got sidetracked, which is not unusual.  Those computer parts, in the background, are still there too, as well as a bunch of unopened tools still in boxes added since that picture was taken.  
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