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Ok all,


   I have to buy a chuck, please give me your input. I have an old 1950's Delta/Milwaukee 12" lathe and wish to turn bowls and spindles. (not into pens yet) Just learning. I would like to know names and a site if you can.


Thank you 





PS  I was looking at the 

Barracuda2 Lathe Key Chuck System
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I have the Barracuda 2 and love it.  I am running it on a 12 x 36 lathe. 


You will eventually want a set of Jumbo Jaws too.  I bought the ones that go on the Barracuda.  They work well, but changing the jaws is annoying. 


Let me know if you have any questions.

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I have the SuperNova 2 that I bought as a refurb from the manufacturer.  Except for a few cosmetic scratches, it was as good as new. 

The chuck cost $99 plus shipping and an adapter for my lathe.  This is about $40 less than the best price I could find online.  Go to the teknatool web site and look under "order online" then "reconditioned products".




PS Just checked the web site and noticed that they increased the prices on their reconditioned chucks by $10. 

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Woodcraft has the Nova Precision Midi Chuck with Two Jaw Sets on sale right now for $99. I have it and it's a decent chuck.

Edit: Actually, I checked and I have the G3. Got it on sale at Woodcraft for $99 a few years back. It's been a pretty good chuck. Chuck key doesn't like to line up all the time, but that's probably a user error.

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 I have several Nova G3’s and have never had a problem with them.


The best deal I know now is on the bay; do a search for Nova G3 and it should turn up a seller who offers them for $125 including your choice of insert and shipping.


I have Supernovas also but the G3 will handle anything your lathe can handle.  I have not used the Precision Mini chuck but I am sure it is good.  The mini is much more restrictive in what jaws you can use with it compared to the G3.  The G3 is rated for all jaws except the very largest.

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