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So iv noticed alot of people really are way too impatient to part turn bowls and wait for 6 months betweenturnings.

Personaly i just had hit or miss sucess with 2 part turning and had to slow the whole process down to way longer than usual, so i just started playing around with finish turning green, now i turn mostly finish thickness green bowls and love it.

Its not like it replaces the need for a thick sturdy more usable bowl but i mean when you can start with a dripping wet piece of wood and in less than a week end up with a finished piece its pretty fun.... Plus drying is a hell of alot easier when you are only dealing with 1/8" or thinner wall thickness and the bowl can warp easily without cracking.

Just wanted to throw it out there that rather than building complicated kilns and having tons of frustration, finish green turning can be fun and relatively easy... Besides sanding- that still sucks, much moreso actually

Dont get me wrong i still am getting alot of use out of paper bags but alot of my stuff now is all finished green + i find the process of watching a bowl warp and shape itself depending on grain and everything very interesting.

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I'll be the first to admit it's a bit of both; impatience is an issue, but also consistency.  It's a vicious combo of both once you add a customer to the mix.  We live in an instant gratification world.  


I agree, finish turning green can be fun, but I would argue that it is not really a replacement for roughing and finishing dry.  I think they are two different styles, with two very different intended/expected results.  

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Chris h

I think you bring up a good point about bringing customers into the mix. Since i turn purely for recreation and mostly give my stuff away i dont really think in those terms.

I also agree (now) with it being just a differen way instead of a substitute, i just find it more enjoyable and like warped bowls :)

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