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Hey everyone. I'm the Assistant Manager of the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. We receive daily donations of building supplies, appliances, and furniture. All items we receive are made of various materials, including a variety of wood--from Pressboard to Oak. I'm looking to expand my knowledge of wood types, so that I can better approximate good selling prices for the items we receive. I worry that I may be letting some high-quality items slip through my fingers due to my lack of wood expertise. 


I was wondering if you offer any type of classes for beginners? Or if you are aware of something similar in the community? I'm not necessarily looking to discover woodworking as a hobby--simply to enhance my knowledge on various types of wood and their values. Might any of you have suggestions for how I can learn? The internet has failed me on this one. I think I need to learn from real experts. :)


Please let me know if you have any advice! Thank you!


Carmela Garcia

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If you are just trying to figure out the value of various wood species I would just look at hardwood dealers who offer online prices. Here are two examples:


As you read through these sites, there may or may not be some terminology that you don't understand. Here is a link that should help you understand some of the lingo:


These are just a quick reference. If you find that there are specific terms or topics you don't understand; just ask the question on this forum and I'm sure someone will steer you in the right direction.




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Hi Carmela,


We have a store that does a similar thing to you. My Dad bought lots of second hand bits when he restored a house he now lives in. Scott has some good details there. Just one thing to bear in mind. I really like finding stuff for a bargain as I am sure do others. If you charge too much or base your prices on new stuff you might loose business and have stock hanging around. 

Generally don't be afraid to trust your gut. If it's bits of ply of mdf it's near worthless. Pines are also very cheap. However if you had a nice pile of hardwood, wide and long take some advice and price it accordingly. 

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