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Knock down hardware suggestion

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Hey guys, I am in the design stage of building a built-in for a baby's closet. It occurred to me that getting it into the closet fully built might not be possible and I began exploring options of knock down hardware. The dimensions are roughly 56'w x 94"h with selves and hanging on one side, large drawers and more shelves on the other side.


I'm anticipating it holding a good deal of weight and in my original plans i was going to construct the carcase using 3/4 hard maple ply with dado and rabbet glued joints reinforced using screws. 


What are your knock down hardware recommendations? Do's and Dont's when constructing this type of project.



Thanks for the advice.



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Cross dowels are good and wood pecker has a nice jig. Minifix are just like box stuff and rockler has a jig but its junk. Minifix are even a pain in my construction line boring machine. Rafix are probably the easiest of all. What ever route you go generally you will also add dowels so think about a dowel jig. Jessum paraline is IMO the best out there and again IMO even beats the domino.

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I'd also consider making it partially modular.  Using a french cleat system will allow you to hang pieces with support where they need to go, and is fairly simple.  While you're planning, take a look at something like California Closets for inspiration.  Not that you don't have your own style, but what they put where, and ideas on modular units.  Since it's just planning, feel free to incorporate looks and ideas from anywhere and everywhere.  (After all, figuring out how to pull it off is half the fun, right?) 


(I've finally ruled out the firepole access to the secret lair, as in the movie "Sky High."  Much to my dismay.)

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