Help identifying an old stanley plane

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I had mentioned to my uncle that I was getting in to wood working and he said he thought there might be some old hand planes tucked away somewhere in the basement of his house (He lives in a house that my great grand parents built in 1928)


We pulled out a toolbox that my uncle swears has not been moved in 50 years and there were 3 planes inside amonst some other old hand tools (rasps, chisels, etc)


I scored an old #5 that should clean up quite nicely, a block plane that is kind of beat up which might not get restored, and an unmarked smoothing plane (well, I think it's a smoothing plane but I am a complete novice).


I snapped a few pictures. It's 9 1/2 inches long and the sole is 2 1/4 inches wide.


I am thinking it could be a number 4?




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There is a difference between sole length-iron width and sole length-sole width.

My Stanley Craftsman #4 has a 2 1/2" wide sole with a 2" iron.

My 1930s Stanley Bailey #4 has a 2 3/8" wide sole also has a 2" iron.

You likely have a #4 but measure the iron instead of the sole to compare with the Stanley ID charts.

Also, the sole length should be measured subtracting the handle "tang" at approx 1/2".

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Hi Chuck,


If you want info overload take a look at this site . Sounds like you have 41/2 smoothing plane to me. If you want to restore them this guide is well worth looking at. I hope to treat my Record planes to the same treatment when I get the time.

+1 on Blood and Gore. Not sure what it would be at 9-1/2" long though :(

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