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Either one would be great , I think you'll find more Nova related items for sale in the used market . I have a Talon chuck and rarely find jaws in the used market like I see for the Nova chucks .  Just something to keep in mind , you can usually find good deals on used tools .

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I have the Supernova2 (not quite the same as the G3, but similar) and the Talon.  I like them both for different reasons.  The Talon chuck seems to have more range of grip within each set of jaws.  I think this is because the Oneway jaws will extend past the body of the chuck and the Nova jaws won't.


On JerrySats comment, most of the Talon and Nova jaws are compatible with the other chuck.  I use Nova jaws on my Talon and Talon Jaws on my Nova.  The Talon jaws have a limiting pin to keep from extending them too far and you'll have to take it out or grind it down to use them on the Nova chuck.


The thing that really drives me nuts is that they chuck keys on the Nova and Talon work the opposite of each other.  The Talon closes the jaws when the key is turned clockwise.(This one seems to make sense to me. Righty tighty, etc.)  The Nova opens the jaws when the key is turned clockwise. 

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