what's your favorite Droid Apps ?


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unit converter.  Converts distance, weight, temperature, just about anything that gets measured from one form to another.  i.e.: inches to centimeters, Fahrenheit to Celsius etc.  If you like to bike or jog an app called Strava will track your distances, times, elevation changes etc. and also allow you to "follow" friends.  There are numerous work out apps if that's your thing.  If for whatever reason you need to watch your diet My Fitness Pal is a nice app.  Of course there's the wood whisperer app.  It really depends on what you're in to.  From time to time I go to the android market and just browse the top free apps.  When you find one you think you want, install it.  If you don't like it un-install it.  Hope this helps.

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This one https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dsol.dmeasures.demo&hl=en is good for taking photos a putting some sizes on. Great for when you find inspiration out and about.


I have an app like that for my iPhone. I would also download the construction master pro. It's a great app it does cost like $10-$15 I think but worth it.

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A few I'm fond of, all free...


Do It (Tomorrow) - just a handy and lightweight to-do list

Handyman Calculator - what it sounds like, has about a bajillion calculators and conversions

Noise Meter - measures sound level

Series Guide - helps me keep track of my favorite tv shows

Sky Map - a planetarium for your phone, aim it at the sky and it shows you what is there whether you can see it or not

Tiny Flashlight - hands down the most used app on my phone

UC Browser - a better internet browser

Weather - the simplest and most accurate weather app I could find. Many others have more features but most of them gave me incorrect temperatures.

Zedge - new ringtones and alarms

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