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I wanted to make something for some friends who are getting married, and decided on a cutting board, since they love to cook. Also, I just wanted to make a cutting board.


I had a couple pieces of 8/4 hickory and 8/4 walnut that I didn't have an immediate use for, plus some 4/4 jatoba scraps sitting around. I was thinking about doing a long grain cutting board since I don't personally care for the "checkerboard" pattern of most end grain boards, but then remember Guillame's 'scrap' table he posted here, which was created from a bunch of random, short scraps.


The jatoba was .75" thick, when flat and square, so I cut the walnut and hickory to .75" and 1.5" thick. From there, I just laid out the pattern and when I was happy, glued it together. Unfortunately, I messed up the glue-up, and some of the seams had gaps, so I gave it a rough flattening, then cut along the bad glue lines on the tablesaw, then reglued. I'm not comfortable on the router table, so to make it easy to hold, I cut a simple parallelogram profile into the short sides. The final dimensions around 13x19x1.5." The finish is GF Salad Bowl Finish, using Marc's method.


If I had to do it again... well... I'd be way more careful on the glue-up. But otherwise, this really isn't that bad to do. It's a bit like laying out a hardwood floor.

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