Can we talk about blade-guard dust collection on a TS?

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In my shop I have 2 dust systems.

1. (two horse 1200 cubic foot per minute extractor) is running a 5 inch pipe to all machines under floor level.

2. (1500 watt shop vac) is running a 2.5 inch pipe that is fixed to the ceiling and has drops over areas where needed such as my assembly table which is also a massive MFT which the track saw and sanders are used at. One of the drops is above the table saw, about 4 feet above the table with a 2.5 inch to 2 inch blast gate fitted. I use festool non antistatic 36mm hose that I have cut down to around 5 feet in length (Bosch also have the same hose called an air-sweep) and their 36 mm rotating nozzle that slips perfectly over the TS blade guard. The flexibility of the hose is enough to accommodate the rise and fall of the guard. When the guard is off the machine I pull the hose out of the blast gate. I intend on fitting a wire hook to the ceiling eventually and a small hole drilled into the rotating nozzle so I can hook it up out of the way. Note, this high pressure system runs through a dust deputy prior to the shop vac and then the shop vac exhausts thing I ever did for my health!

As my TS has a quick release style of riving knife attachment, I will purchase a knife that is used purely for cuts where overhead guards are impractical.

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