Daughter's rocking horse

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It was my daughter's first birthday last week and I made her a rocking horse, wood whisper episode 158 & 159.  We put her on it and she was OK for about 10 seconds and then she stated to cry.  For the last few days she has been crawling up to it and banging on the seat...I think she's ready to get back on it.  It's made out of hard maple and took a few weeks to finish - I worked on it on and off when I had time.  We had a party for her on Saturday and my uncle said that grandpa would have been proud that I made something like this for her (he had a small shop in the basement and was always making something for the family) and that this is something that she'll have forever.  I hope so.  Thanks for checking it out and have a great day.



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Very nice Mike! My boy is almost two and his time on the horse is about 10 seconds these days. Truth is, the seat is a little uncomfortable. It's not my design so I can freely criticize it. ;)  The width of the seat isn't all that kind to tiny inner thighs. So I'm hoping as he gets a little older he'll appreciate it more. 


I also found it funny that his favorite thing to do with the horse is try to eat the giant plastic eyes. So far the epoxy is holding but I will likely have to remove the eyes for fear of creating a choking hazard. But I did go with the giant sized eyes so the risk should be fairly low. :) 

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Cute rocking horse! My kids loved rocking horses. Too tall now... Perhaps I should scale this up! If the seats uncomfortable you could perhaps make a removable padded saddle, even an old duvet or quilt shaped and stitched should do. We've got an old home made wooden 1 with a padded seat that is leather over cushion stuffing or similar and just pinned around the edge. If that doesn't make sense i'll try adding a photo.

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I've also built this rocking horse as a Christmas present in 2011. My children love it, the two year old daughter loves to stand on the seat - quite scary to see and pretty dangerous too, of course.


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Thanks guys.  She's been on it a few times and I think she's starting to like it.  The dog almost started to chew on it...she's lucky I love her.  I'm pretty excited to start working on the next thing - flower boxes for the front of the house.  Unfortunately, it will have to wait a week or two.  We got a swing set delivered and some the pieces were damaged so we have to wait for the new pieces to be shipped.  The swing set is right in the middle of my workshop also known as the garage.  

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