Gin box for outgoing commander

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This is a box that I was asked to make for my outgoing Commander (to be from the Enlisted men and women of our squadron). The officers provided the gin to put in it. (good stuff too... it's the old man's favorite)

The box itself is made of 1/4 ply that I added home-sawn quarter sawn white oak veneer to (outside.. inside I added plainsawn red oak veneer to ensure the ply didn't bow) I covered the edges of the ply with black walnut "L" beams that I glued up. The hinges are heavy brass hinges.

The finish is lacquer outside and black flat paint inside.

The details add-ons are from a combination of techniques.

The tiger I carved out on my Carvewright. I used the 3d puffing tool on a circle and then added the "negative" pattern. This created a quite nice effect when painted then sanded off. This really added a bit of "zing" to the box and I'm thrilled with the result.

The Lettering under the tiger is vinyl cut on my silhouette cameo. I've found that this technique displays small-to-medium lettering quite well.

The inside wording is printed on "rub on" decal paper which is different from the waterslide that I've been using... this type is a very thin clear vinyl with a paper backing. You print on the vinyl (backwards), cut it out, then add adhesive to the page. after positioning it and allowing things to dry, you peel off the paper backing to reveal the (now frontwards) print. This is the first time I've used this material and it seems quite appropriate for very small (under 1/2 inch) lettering as you really can go as small as your printer can handle...

Thanks for looking, and as always, comments, suggestions, or constructive critiques are appreciated and questions welcomed.


(of course my standard "perspective" shot) comes first


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Thanks for the kind words guys...


I moved on to my next project tonight... this time in solid cherry that I resawed down to 1/4 inch.  The top is a friction fit lid and the label is a custom label I made with my CNC paper cutter from vinyl and was inspired by the label on the whiskey which goes inside.  Basically I cut the gold label out and then laid the black label over top.  They blend quite nicely together and I'm pretty happy with the result.

The bottle itself is laser engraved (not by me, though a laser engraver will probably be on my "to buy" list after our trip around the country is completed)

The finish is satin lacquer and from design to putting on the label took about 5 hours work this afternoon/tonight.  I'm really trying to maintain a fair quality-level of work while keeping my hours down.  I'd really like to make custom woodworking a job at some point in the future and comprehend that low hours/high quality seems to be a major success factor.    






Thanks again for looking,

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