MiniMax CU300 SMART Slider Combo machine for sale 5HP!

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Hi all, I am selling my Minimax Slider combo in hopes that I will be able to expand and to fund some larger equipment.

This is a serious machine and there is next to nothing it can not do in the shop

Here is the jist of what it does:


1- Sliding table saw with scoring unit: 12" blade capacity with standard 5/8" arbor, 3/4" dado capability, 5 1/2' cutting capacity, 1 large table and 1 small table both capable of mitering, 30" rip capasity and high low rip fence, and 4 flip stops and more...


2- Shaper: 5Hp shaper complete with 1 1/14" spindle independent fence and hold downs. It works in conjuntion with the sliding table so you essentially have a shaper with a sliding table. It has a reversable motor as well.


3- 12"Jointer: 12in jointer with 60" tables and fence. All individually adjustable and very precise. It has a 300mm 3 knife Tersa cutter head which is self setting and the knives are reversable. I am including extra knives and the ones on it still can be flipped.


4- 12" Planer w/digital readout: Shares the same cutter head and motor as the jointer but I added a digital read out for very precise height adjustment.


5- Horizontal Mortiser: One of the best features on this machine! It has a Westcott chuck, the table is on an X Y axis(forward/back, side to side) table with an upgraded 80/20 table to make claming and jiging easily and great height adjustment and production stops and clamp hold downs. I am including 3- Onsrud 4 flute bits and 2- 2flute bits ranging from 1/4" up to 1/2"


There are tons of extras included such as a Euopean and American Jointer guard, blades, hold downs, knives, ripping shoe, and so on!

This machine is very heavy weighing in at 1300Lbs but does have a built in mobility set with a jimmy bar to help get it around and positioned in your spot.


The motors are 220v 30amp single phase but only require 1 electrical connection.

There are emergency stops and start buttons at every station for safety and convience.


I bought this about 2 or 3 years ago brand new and I have taken nothing short of excellent care of it as it was the center of my business. It runs great and will for year to come.


$9100.00 or reasonable offer



This is local pick up due to size and weight and I am more than willing to help you out any way I can to get it on it's way.


If you have any questions or want mor photos please feel free to contact me through my website or by phone at 

eight four three 4 5 two 2 four 0 two




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