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Satin Finish over Epoxy Resin

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Hi gang , so I have a client that I am building a wall table for. The table will have a routed out portion filled in with assorted rocks and gems. I was planning on filling in the that portion with epoxy resin only to the top edge of that depression and finishing the remainder of the table top with a satin finish as per client request. Ok so my question ? can I shoot satin right over the Epoxy to match the rest of the top? Or is there a better way to do this ? All Input welcome and appreciated thanx  LDWS

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Best way IMO is to do the filling with a CLEAR epoxy (west system 105 resin and the 207 special hardener), as well as coat the entire piece with a few layers of the same epoxy for the build coats to fill the grain (this part goes pretty quickly as you can 'hot coat' the epoxy meaning that new coats can be applied almost every hour depending on air temp (70F or warmer) without sanding.


Let that cure 24 hours and sand down smooth with 220 making sure not to sand through this epoxy layer..  Coat with 2 layers of a finish with UV protection (which is typically a high gloss) THEN coat with the final layers of satin or semi..


You can use whatever products you like for the post epoxy coats; just make sure to sand between every coat for adhesion and smoothness (typically 320 - 400 grit).. 


This will give the uniform appearance you're looking for. 


If the table will be sitting near a window that gets any sun exposure (even if it's a couple hours a day) this would be the reason for using high gloss / UV protective base coats otherwise the appearance will fail pre-maturely. 


Hope this helps!

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