wiping arm-r-seal on cross grain surfaces


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I'm finishing a trestle dining table, and I'm finishing it with Arm-R-Seal.  How do I deal with wiping the varnish on places where the grain changes direction (like at the intersection between the trestle "leg" (where the grain goes vertically) and the trestle "foot" or "arm" (where the grain goes horizontally)?  The grain essentially meets at 90 degrees, so how do I wipe on the varnish without going across the grain at some point?  Won't it end up with streaks?  See attached for a picture of one unfinished side assembly to see what I mean.


I have Marc's DVD, which is awesome, but it only covers wiping the varnish onto surfaces like a panel glue up, not situations like this.





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This is just like painting. Start with the captured piece going with that grain and overlap into the outer pieces. Finish by wiping the length of the outer pieces but not overlapping the captured piece. You can still work top to bottom but as you reach the intersection grab one end of the captured piece, finish the outer piece then move on. I choose captured and outer piece because you run into this situation in many variations and sometimes the captured piece is vertical and sometimes horizontal.

Edit-I changed "left to right" to "top to bottom" because I did not realize the thumbnail was sideways at first glance.

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Thanks a lot everyone, this all makes sense.  I am going to try to wipe it on because that's what I've done in the past with Arm-R-Seal and it's what I'm comfortable with.  I will use the method Mr. Shaffer proposed - I hadn't thought of it that way.


Sorry for the sideways thumbnail - I will post pics when the project is done!

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Another quick question or two regarding Arm r seal,  Im building a simple Pedestal Kitchen table with red oak, The client has chose a General Finishes "White Mist" that is now done and drying overnight. I am planning on using Arm r seal satin over top that ( first timer for the arm r seal) , As stated that the ar r seal is thin, Should I put a sanding sealer down first or just go with coats of the arm r seal?  Also as noted the wiping method is a good choice however does this product spray well ? I do have a decent spray rig. Thanx for any input LDWS 

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I believe that all GF stains are compatible with all GF topcoats - check the can, I believe it says that specifically.  So it's probably fine to go directly to arm r seal - but if it were me, to be safe, I'd do a coat of sanding sealer in between (I use bullseye seal coat).  


Can't help you with spraying, unfortunately - I don't have an HVLP :(

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