Just bought a Powermatic 66

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i just got a new to me 1997 model powermatic 66 table saw today off craig's list for $600. 5 hp single phase motor. The guy still has another one that is 3hp single phase he is looking to sell for $600 as well if any one in the Atlanta area is on the lookout.


the saw i got is a little dirty, but other than that the saw looks to be in good shape, though it makes a little noise raising and lowering the blade..which is also a little tough. this got minimally better when i blew all the old saw dust out, and i hope that some more cleaning and some spray lube with continue to fix this situation. i plan on spending the next few days continuing to clean it up and set it up properly. 


my question here is that i am new to woodworking...this is my first major tool purchase and i want to set it up right...so what things should i look out for and do to get it done right? any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. 


thanks so much, y'all!

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Make sure the blade is square to the miter slots.  


Make sure the table surface and wings are level and flat to one another by laying a straight edge across the top.


Adjust the positive stops on the 90 and 45 settings.


Make sure the rip fence is square to the blade.


Make sure the trunions are clean and don't change the blade angle in relation to the miter slots when you change the cut angle.


Continue to clean the dust out and lube moving parts as necessary.


Mostly, don't spend so much time fixing up your new tool that you can't have any fun with it!

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i just got a new to me 1997 model powermatic 66 table saw today off craig's list for $600...

Congrats on your purchase, Phatboi. I had a Model 66 for 20 years, it's a great saw. I believe it's the last model Powermatic built entirely in the U.S.

I sold it a couple of years ago for $1000. Here's a photo of it heading off to it's new owner. It was still in such great shape that I was a little sad to see it go:


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thanks everyone for the feedback. i have been steadily working on it getting it set up properly. my mobile base should be here today....and next is to build a crosscut sled and get the fence set up properly. it has an accufence that has seen better days, but will work till i get the cash to splurge on one of those very cool tools extruded aluminum fences. thanks again.

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Get the blade aligned perfectly with the slots before you start bolting stuff like wings and a fence to it.  You can find all sorts of information online, and probably even youtube videos.  It's easiest to do with only the single main part of the top on the base.

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