Sharpening - Stones vs. Sand Paper?


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I used both methods and settled on the water stone.  I would glue sand paper, up to 2000 grit, to marble surfaces and use a $14 guide I got at Sears.  It did a great job but it seemed like I was always changing the paper and became frustrated with it.  My wife then got me a combination 1000/8000 grit water stone.  It was easy to use with the guide and didn't wear out.  Now and then I flatten it on the table saw with some sand paper but that is rare.  I would deffinately go with a water stone.  The combination stone is about $70 at woodcraft.  Fine woodworking also did a full review on many different brands.

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I recently set up a dedicated sharpening station. My sharpening needs are not extensive but after listening to Deneb from Lie-Nielsen at Hand Tool Event he drove home two important points. Sharpening needs to be accessible and repeatable. At the even I picked up an Ohishi 1000/8000 grit combination water stone. A couple days later I made a dedicated sharpening area and a sharpening jib based on the one Lie-Nielsen has on their website. I use a basic one wheel guide. I had the Veritas jig and did not like it. Here is a picture of my setup.



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