Who needs a pristine Roubo bench anyway?

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Wow, great photo Terry!! Thanks for sharing. I love the look on the guys face who is hammering in the background. Kinda like, "ah, now there, doesn't that brass tack look lovely... pity these other two gents are quarreling over who left the toolbox open again!" LOL

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attachicon.gifhickory golf.jpg

Speaking of Bow Ties.

My dad and I played in a Hickory Golf Tournament weekend before last.

Used the hickory clubs and wore the period clothes. (I'm the one on the left)

BTW - Anyone here ever try to build a hickory golf club? ... perhaps restore one?

That's really cool.  Did you use Balata balls?  I work on newer clubs, and play to a +2, but have always been afraid that I would break a wooden shaft if I hit a ball with one.

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Yep, Balata balls.

Some folks just used low compression.

I too was a bit nervous with the hickory. All the clubs we used were at least 100 years old. But, they are surprisingly very robust. Plus the grips are so difficult to hold onto that you really can't bring it with your full swing, or you'll likely lose your grip. The grips are leather wraps pinned at the top and the bottom. In the middle it wiggles quite a bit.


If you get a chance go ahead and play one of these tourneys it really is a lot of fun.  BTW - You gotta do the period dress as well.


If you are ever in Iowa look me up and we can play. Based on your handicap you can give me 7 per side. ...

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