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Hey Folks, I am looking ahead to my next project and want to take on something a bit more challenging and build a morris chair.  I know it's a pretty popular build for a lot of folks, so I figured I'd see what advice there was to be had.


In particular, if you have built one:


  • What plan did you use and how did you like it?  I am looking at the Bow Arm Morris Chair plan from FWW (http://www.finewoodworking.com/item/56990/bow-arm-morris-chair).  I have really liked the curved arms when I've seen them on the Stickley versions, and the plan itself seemed fairly straightforward and doesn't require much in the way to tools I don't already have.
  • Is there a place to source the pegs for the adjustable back?  I have no experience turning and no equipment to do it - so I need some other way to get the job done or somewhere to buy them from.


Or any other challenges you ran into you'd care to share!



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I haven't built one but I plan to in the future.  The mistake I see most often made with the Morris chair is people trying to upholster it themselves.  They build beautiful chairs out of beautiful QSWO, invest so much time and effort and care into the craftsmanship of the wood parts, then they slap some cheap crappy pleather on it with totally mediocre upholstery skills.  When I build mine I'm going to figure several hundred dollars into the cost to get it professionally done.

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