Xmas gifts for grand kids.

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Wow!  Tall order without much information.


What do they need?  What do the parents (if not you) want for them? 


Highchairs and cribs spring to mind but, not a lot of time to build.  How about a rocking chair for those wee hour rough nights?

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When my twin girls were 3 I made them both toy chests to go at the end of their beds. I realized that as twins they didn't have any place that was just their own to put (hide) stuff. And mom (wife) was pretty happy that there was a place to throw all those toys that usually hang around all over the floor. Since I knew I was going to paint the boxes, but didn't want to use plywood, I ended up using some "craft panels" that they sell at Lowes so I didn't have to do any glue ups. Cheap and easy. And I used some letters from Hobby Lobby to add the finishing touch.

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Yes, simple trucks, tractors, cars, pull type animals are always a hit. I built a rolling caterpillar from wood magazine for my son who is now 25. The darn thing is still a favorite with most of my nephews & neices.

I am sure the boys will enjoy anything you make and not buy :-)

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I like the ornament idea.  Not much recognition from the children themselves on a first Christmas at 6 mos. old but it could easily become a tradition you build on from year to year and, when they're older, it could become something that has really built to something with meaning.

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