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We haven't had dogs for some time now, but we used to have two Akitas.  They're great hangout dogs since they're a bit aloof.  Those thick coats are great for collecting dust and shavings and then depositing them all over the house though!  :P

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Ugh, dogs.  The most overrated animal ever.  I don't know what could possibly make a dog "the best" in a shop.  Mine just lays around and farts.


I promise I'm not Eric's shop dog, though the description of me is to a T.


Speaking of laying around and farting, I have an English Bulldog.


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Sometimes I see Gaucho laying on the cold concrete ... of our super cold Southern California cold weather :)

That breaks my heart so I throw my carhartt jacket on the floor and Gaucho gets spoiled by his owner ... definetly he is the master but don't tell him.

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I've got a husky.  She loves to spend time in the shop laying on the cold concrete, then track shavings through the house.  She's very laid back, but only because we exercise her a lot (the key to a good dog).  Kiska also appreciates custom made campaign furniture.

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