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As far as the laguna 8" jointers, the only thing I can honestly say you will gain from that brand is the labeled sheartec II cutterhead. I got the grizzly G0495x which is on sale right now for $1995. Has the same style helical cutter head as the sheartec. Your options for laguna include the dovetailed way jointer for the same price as the top of the line grizzly 8", or the comparable parallelogram laguna for $2795. I did all the research you are doing now, and ended up with the grizzly. My tables are flat, had to wrestle a bit with the company for a decent fence, but we're all good in the hood now. Laguna is famous for their bandsaws, and I own the 14suv, but everything else seems very market comparable for more dollars. 

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To be honest I had a tough time with the fence portion of my jointer. I had 3 sent to the house and none of them were to my standard, or most others on here. They were nice on the phone, but something was getting lost in translation from my call to the shipping dept. I think my case is rare due to the overwhelming amount of happy customers. I did finally get a dead flat fence with no twist when I went to the warehouse and personally inspected myself. I own the jointer, a g0690 cabinet saw and a wall mount dust collector from them, and I am very happy with all of them. That jointer is a solid machine, and a great addition to my shop. 

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What is all the advantages of a parallelogram bed vs dovetailed ways? Customer service rep from grizzly had no clue she told me to call back and talk to tech support. Iam no expert on this but the way I understand it you can make better adjustment for flatness than with dovetail ways.

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In the event you need to realign your beds on a dovetailed jointer, the beds need to be shimmed. On a parallelogram jointer, each bed is brought into alignment with 4 adjustment points. I tuned my jointer up in a couple of hours, thats not bad for a full jointer tune up.

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I wasn't as meticulous as Freddie, but my jointer came out pretty good. I have the G0656P (8" jointer, dovetail ways, straight knives). The beds are straight enough for all the work I have done so far. The joints have all come together with almost always no light in the joint. With a longer set of boards, I did have to fine tune with a few passes of my #4.


My fence is about 4/5 dead straight. There is a small bit out of square (just barely) on the infeed side. Otherwise, the rest of it shows no light at all according to my extremely accurate square. Works for me!


I also have the G0715P table saw. Not quite as powerful as I thought it would be, but it is much more accurate than what I have worked with previously.


In a perfect world, I would have bought a few Powermatic machines, but I will save that for my dream shop :)

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