Good God. That Humidor

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1000 different steps in construction and I screwed up 900.  And I refuse to discuss why there's splines near the bottom.  Mysteriously, they're exactly the same distance from the bottom as the depth to the top.  Mahogany veneer and maple.  I did discover Timbermate wood/pore filler and like it a lot.  Water it down and paint it on, then sand it off.  Smooth as silk.  This is with the first coat of Waterlox.



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Rick,  Looks pretty darn neat to me. I like making boxes and using the splines when mitering the sides. A couple of times the mitered ends just weren't tight enough and I ended up chunking them. One time I decided to run the ends thru the table saw and add the vertical splines/trim like you have done. I like it so much that I usually do all of my boxes this way, after I sand the vertical splines smooth.

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