Buying a new brad nailer

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I am no pro. Some others I'm sure will offer better advice based on much more use. But after reading a bunch of those kinds of reviews, I ended up with the Hitachi 18ga. It seemed to get solid reviews, offered a range of lengths it would accept, could be found for a decent price (think i bought it on amazon), would offer some bit of range for my uses, and I've had good luck using it. Until lately I had a jam in the middle of the strip, and the plastic took a chunk out which now causes further jams. the brads are getting hung up on that little piece of plastic. I need to get in there and sand it down, but I'm sure it'll be fine after that. For the money, that would be my starting place. Unless other, finer brad nailers use more metal in their loading sleeve (or whatever that is called. tray? magazine?) I'd recommend it.


You may find, like I did, the brad nailer is a good tool to have around, but you'll be looking for other gauges soon after. 

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Don't waste your time...OP hasn't been back since he posted.  The question is probably better suited for a DIY forum anyway. :D

I might write it up anyway.

I am curious to see just how visible the pin holes end up being, as I plan to use it for furniture / furniture like items. This weekend it's going to be tacking the face frame onto a desk organizer/ monitor stand before a glue up.

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Who goes through that effort for some potential amazon affiliate click through sales...

I would say it is more so of having a traffic influx, possibly leading to a higher sell tag. Just assuming. He could have posted to 25 different forums in a month, and had at least 10-15 people from each forum go to it. Thats 375+ unique views. Then if he gets 20% to be interested and click around to find the reviews "he read about" then that is all now more page views and time spent per visit.


Now his link could be part of SEO searches, too. Because it is all over the web.

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There's an easy fix for the spammers. Make all forum post links nofollow so they don't get crawled. They may already be, I am on the ipad so it's a pain to check.

I've seen some other folks rave about pin nailers, which led me down that path. The one I chose was relatively inexpensive and very well reviewed on Amazon (including reviews specifically talking about its use in fine woodworking). My review will be from a novice perspective, so don't expect great insight.

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So I got to okay around with the Porter Cable PIN138 this afternoon and I am definitely pleased with it.

I fired maybe 50 pins while trimming some flower boxes, every one of them was perfectly set with a barely visible hole. The pins did a wonderful job keeping things in place while the glue set.

I also got to play with a Senco FinishPro 18 and I came to the conclusion that I really need both. The pins have basically zero structural value unless you put 10 of them in. I think the 18 gauge nailer is going to get a ton of use for general projects where I don't care about seeing brads in something.

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I used to pin and brad all the time. I was a siding contractor and clamping was not an option. The question of use comes to mind. Do you perform a lot of awkward clamping of delicate parts? A pin might save you some time.

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I am definitely going to put it to use. I tend to have issues with small parts shifting during glue ups and the pins made what would have been an annoying glue up for me take 1/3rd the time with very little hassle.

There are also some very inexpensive pin nailers on amazon with decent reviews, I went with the PIN138 because it does 5/8" to 1&3/8" pins and it doesn't require oil.

Tomorrow I am going to give it a better work out attaching some face frames to a monitor stand / desk organizer.

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