Miter Box Worth it?

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Ive been thinking about picking up a miter box, and I see them from time to time. Ive see Saint Roy use them on a few occasions and Ive thought, wow thats a genuinely smart piece of kit.  Especially on mitered tenons.  


For those of you who have them - are the worth the space? and are they useful?  Are they hard to fix up? Im figuring Id find one on ebay CL or at local garage sales.  Im assuming where ever I get one it wont be in mint. 


Any suggestion on which one to pick up?

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Recently I had to make some 5 dregree miter cuts on some 2X4 for a couple of workhorses, I made those cuts by hand and honestly it took me a lot of time and patience, so finally I bought the Nobex standard miter saw and it works really good, in fact better than I expected, all it needs is a very sturdy base where you can screw the miter saw onto, and like me, if you want to cut some 2X4 you better get the replacement blade with 12 teeth per inch. The saw comes with a 22 tpi blade wich is good for smaller pieces. Check out the reviews...


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I used a Langdon-Acme for almost twenty years before anyone made a power miter saw that I liked.  I still have the miter box, that I bought new, but I don't remember using it since I kept the first power miter saw in the early '90s. 


Eric is right about a shooting board.  When I used the miter box, I did a lot of work with the Lion Trimmer too.

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I have 2.  A smaller Stanley 150 and a larger Millers Falls.  Both work great and both took very little work to restore.  Mostly it was clean up and replacing the sacrificial table on the Stanley.  More work went into filing and sharpening the saw on the larger box and the smaller one didn't have a saw so I had my buddy Mark Harrell make me one.  They are fun to use and great for repetitive work when you have a lot of stuff to cut to a precise length or a lot of angles to cut (especially when not 45 degrees). 


However, I still go to the shooting board to clean up the miters and sometimes the 90 degree cuts for a perfect fit.  So when I'm working with fewer pieces or a lot of different sizes I just cut them at the bench hook free hand and go to the shooting board.  So as an admitted owner of 2 of these tools, I will also say that they are far from necessary and at best a luxury item. 

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