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It's at least a few months off, but I'm stating to plan an upgrade to a cabinet saw. I still definitely a beginner but even saw my jobsite saw is showing it's limitations. I thought I'd follow the advice to get my last tool first (well second) and step up to a 3HP cabinet.


I've been mostly thinking SawStop or PM2000. One thing that has me questioning the Saw Stop is the table size. At least with the T glide fence they only offer a huge table. And I've read "you definitely want the T glide". My first thought was that I didn't want to give up that much of my small shop to such a big table. My shop is about 10x20 so I need to make every square foot count.


First up, what is up with the numbers on the saw stop? The 30" capacity saw is 44" wide and the 36" capacity is 69 1/8". That's the biggest 6" I've ever heard of.


Would I regret getting the 30" rip capacity? Would I hit the limitations of that quickly? Seems like I'd be fine for solid wood furniture, which is mostly what I"m interested in. I could add a track saw for big plywood if it comes to that. 


Right now I'm starting to see how I could fit a larger (70" wide) saw into the shop as long as I store lots of things under the table.


Any advice from owners of small shops? Or anyone else for that matter? 


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The rip capacity does not include the fence or half of the Tee square part that goes past the fence. Then there is the wing on the other side of the blade. You have to make your decision based on your current space and if you plan to upgrade the shop size one day.

I bought my first cabinet saw in the mid 80's. It's still going strong. Only replaced the fence once about 20 years ago.

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The times I have needed more than 30" rip capacity are very few and as you say you can break down a full sheet of plywood other ways. You can use a board, 2 clamps and a $40 skill saw, no need for a track saw if you only do this twice a year. If you buy the size that fits then you can add drop down extensions to increase the size. Or as many people do, build an assembly table that is the same height as the table saw and use that for a larger TS table when needed. I won't try and advise you on the SS vs PM as that borders on religion and I have a Delta so no personal experience with either. I remove the original table extension, particial board, and added a wider and deeper 3/4" MDF permanent table then added a fold down table for when I need it deeper. I did the fold down table since there wasn't room for a roll around assembly table.

Good luck with your new purchase.

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Just being able to use the fence as a crosscut stop for boards over 30" would be enough for me  to get the 52" saw even if I never cut any sheet goods. Being able to leave long boards resting without falling on the floor is another. To many people justify short saws by the lack of need to do wide rips on sheet goods but there is more to using a saw than cutting sheet goods.

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