1920's Stanley No. 18 Sweetheart Block Plane

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All original parts, including Sweetheart blade with plenty of metal left. U.S. PAT. 2-18-13. It does not have "made in USA", so I think that puts it's manufacture date in the 1920's. Very good condition. It still shaves nice thin strips. Hone the blade, and flatten the bottom and this will be a fine woodworking tool. 


I picked up two of these on Ebay. I got 2 because you never know what you're gonna get until it arrives. Both were excellent. I honed and flattened one, and BOOM it's a sweet little sweatheart. This one is ready for someone to do the same. I'm gonna put it up here for a few days to see if anyone wants it. If not then I'll put it up on Ebay. I paid $50, plus $5 for shipping. I'll let it go for the same as I paid.


Send me a message if you are interested, or give a call at 541-499-2064








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