Clamp storage - wall vs. cart

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I'm slowly getting my garage shop set up & better organized, so I'm trying to get everything off the floor (and often on wheels for flexibility).  The clamps just keep getting moved & leaned against the various tools, and they need a better home than that.


So I'm trying to decide between wall storage for the clamps or a cart to carry them around.  I believe I can sacrifice the floor space, though it would be good to know what else I might use the cart for besides the clamps if I went with that solution.


What have you done in your shop & why?

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I'm exactly the opposite of Barry...I like my wall rack because I'm tight on floor space.  If I did have the floor space, I'd probably prefer the cart so I wouldn't have to walk the clamps from the wall to the assembly table.  But I can't see myself having a cart unless I had an enormous shop.

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I have a small shop and keep mine on the wall but I believe I would build a cat if I was in a garage. I would keep clamps, glue, brad nailer, drills and screws on it. This would keep all the assembly items in one place and easy to find regardless of its location.


That must be one large cat! :). Another victim of autocorrect!

I currently have my clamps standing on the floor, as I recently upgraded my collection and need to build some storage. I'm going to go with a wall rack, to keep the floor less cluttered and easier to clean after a day in the shop. I will go with something similar to Marc's design.

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I have them on the wall but I've considered putting them under the assembly table.  Even though that's mainly where they get used it would be a little harder to get to the longer ones.  Or I might just put the short ones under there and keep the long ones on the wall.

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