Blanket Chest

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I've finally finished my blanket-chest.


It's all cherry, with redwood veneer highlights on the facade, and maple behind the arches. I had some old cedar planking that I used for the floor. Traditionally such chests were painted with floral designs, but I opted for marquetry inlay.


I roughly modelled the design after the Pennsylvania Dutch style, but since this is my first real piece of cabinetry I incorporated a few bad design elements (don't mention the floor) - In all it was a massive learning experience, but the end result seems to have turned out ok.


Thanks to all who post their wisdom on this forum for me to learn from, and of course to those putting how-to videos online (and not just the hand-tool guys) - I've said it before, and I'll say it again - without you all I'd still just be nailing 2x4s together.




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Wow!  I'd say it came out far better than "ok."  That's a very impressive piece and a TON of work.  Well done sir!

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WOW, I'm glad now that I don't know how to post pics cause mine would have been low on the totem pole compared to this one. Speaking of posting pics, somewhere in the past, several of you guys suggested ways that you do it and I can't find that thread. So as not to take away from H3nry's fine chest, can you just direct me to that conversation instead of discussing it here? Thanks

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Thanks Guys,


you're right it was a lot of hard work. There were times when a lot of bad language was used when things weren't working out just right - but a night's sleep and an improv fix in the morning covered up most of the problems so that it would take a woodworker looking carefully to see them. So far everyone has stopped at 'wow' ... Which is what I was thinking too when I first saw it at that magical moment when the first coat of finish went on and it started to shine.

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