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Hey folks,

Just wondering the best placement for ductwork from ceiling down to tablesaw. I am having an attached router table on the right of my tablesaw as well as an outfeed/ assemble table in front of the saw. Do you think the upper right of the table would best? I just dont want it on the ground having to walk over it again and again......


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I spent some time with this issue and ultimately it ended up on the floor again. I keep the TS with the left side close enough to the wall that I would not chose to walk that way and run the duct down the wall to the saw and router. In my case it is 6" duct so I built a 6 x 6 x 6 switchable gate rather than split it for both. I still have 30"+ left of the blade so I can rip to the center of a 4' panel. I tried various places from the ceiling down but always found that it was in the way of wide TS cuts or long stock on the router.

I guess if my shop was wide enough I would run it down on the left side close to the TS port and 12" or so away from the table edge. You could still walk around it and maintain left of blade rip capacity.


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