A Craiglist bandsaw and a little someting extra.

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I feel like I should start this tale with the immortal words, "I never believed those stories were true until now ..."

I respond to a Craigslist add for a Grizzly G1019Z 14" bandsaw and instead of one of the 'Craigslist Flakes' that I often encounter, I promptly receive a response from the Lister. I make an appointment and at the after work on the appointed day I drive about 45 miles down the road to examine the object of my desire. OMG!

Hmmmm, riser block kit, ShopFox mobile base, 4 Timberwolf blades (1 installed, 1 opened and 2 still in the package), so far, so good.

Good clean condition, appears well kept. The Lister tells me that it hasn't been used in 3 years and she doesn't really know anything about it. Based on the condition of the gargage, I expect it was well cared for.

I give the tensioner a couple cranks and plug in the saw, I flip the power switch and I don't like what I hear. The motor is turning but the blade is not. Something is definitely not right. I pop open the wheel covers. Hmmmm, mud wasp nests. It really hasn't been used for 3 years. I clear out the nests and notice that the blade is not tensioned as I would expect. On further inspection, I notice that the upper tensioning bracket, which is cast aluminum, is cracked in serveral places. I wonder if the saw was left tensioned and the bracket cracked. No matter. If I can't get the part, I can't buy the saw. I tell the Lister that if I can get the part, I would be interested and that I will email her and let her know the verdict. I have wanting a bandsaw for a long time and I'm tired of waiting.

It was dark as when I am preparing to leave, but I notice two very large stacks of stickered board on what appeared to be a covered porch of a outbuilding. I ask if she is looking to sell the lumber and she says that she does want to get rid of it. "OK, if I am back to pick up the saw on Saturday, I will have a look and see what you have over there." "It has been sitting there for 7 years." (Hmmm, should be dry by now.)

The next morning I call Grizzly, give them the part no. and then say, "Sure, $20 plus about $8 shipping and it is yours." "Done!" I email the Lister and explain about the part and arrange to return with my nephew to get the saw on the following Saturday. I figure the I will bargin the price down, but even if she remains firm, the blade, base and riser kit is worth more than the $30 for a new part. Woo hoo! I'm finally getting a bandsaw. Saturday can't get here soon enough. But the part won't be in until Monday - saddenz, more waiting.

Saturday arrives and I pickup one groggy nephew and head back down the road. I have packed some blocking for the saw, a lumber evaluation kit ( a couple planes, some alcohol, etc.) and a fistfull of dollars. We arrive on time and load up the saw. OK, now lets have a look at that lumber!

As I walk over to the outbuilding, I am greeted by two large stickered stack of board, most 4/4 in 12" and 8" widths and what I estimate to be 12' to 13' long.

This could be promising. It could also be pine. Or cedar. But it might be something really good. I glance around the yard. Pecan trees, some oak, no pine. Things are looking up. I plane off the silvered corner of one of the top boards. I am greeted by a rich butterscotch color. Score!

I say, "This one looks like pecan." "Oh, it is all pecan." "A big storm can through and knocked down several trees and my husband had them saw into board." (Smart husband!)

I count the boards About 50 - 4/4 x 11" X 12', 54 - 4/4 x 8" by 10', about 20 - 8/4 x 8" x 8' - 12', 4 - 16/4 X 4" x 8' and a cubic crapload of pecan stickers. I tell the Lister that I figure she has about 1200 - 1500 board feet of pecan.

Then, this dear, dear, dear woman says to me, "You can have it all for $300."

Without hesitation (and little regard for a property tax payment due next month) I say, "Done! I will need to get a bigger truck, but I should be back on Saturday. Here is $50 to seal the deal and I would like to take some with me today."

"Take all you want."

The nephew and I load up some of the top pieces which I estimate to be about 70 bf and head back home.

Next - How to fetch about 2 tons of lumber.

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During what may have been the longest week in the history of man, I repaired and refurbed the bandsaw, replacing all the bearings ($32) and the tires ($36). It now runs like a top.

Saturday finally arrived. I had reserved a 17' U-Haul truck of this operation. I told my nephew to invite along a friend to help. "Yes, I will pay you." I figure he will bring one of his football buddies; he invites his girlfriend. (Damn, I hope she is strong.) The ride back down the road is uneventful and my fears of low hanging branches as I enter the property are unfounded (but, I was prepared to deal with this contingency.) I back the U-Haul into position and the loading commences.

I always forget to take the "Before" picture.


At this point we have loaded about 50 boards, 4/4 x 11" x 13' they are looking pretty good; mostly clear a couple have some wane and bark.


This is what still awaits.


From the other end.


Break time. Almost all the 4/4 is loaded, only the 8/4 and 16/4 and all the stickers await. It has only taken us about 45 minutes to get this far. Keep those labor costs down!

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Here is the thicker stuff.

The thicker stuff loaded pretty quick and then we threw all those damn stickers on a tarp on top of the wood and were back on the road again. About 60 uneventful mintues later, we were back at my home.


I told you it was a lot of stickers.


Here it is, stacked in my second driveway. Just a short haul into the backyard where a couple temporary lumber racks have been set up.

From the back of the truck, down onto the stacks.


I might have forgotten to mentions about 3 boards that are wider than 12". These two are about 16" and 24" each. :-)


The other wide board is about 14". And 13' long. :-)


The job isn't done until the clean up is complete. My nephew and is girlfriend were both very helpful with the operation. I told my nephew that if he wanted to we would, over the next few weekends, turn some of this into something his folks would be proud to have in thier home (and it wouldn't cost him anything.) He seemed to like that idea.


I took one of the pieces I had nabbed the previous week and knocked off some sun tan. So far I really like what I am seeing.

Next - Man, I still gotta measure, grade, record, move, stack and sticker this stuff. 46lbs / cubic foot. Where is that kid?

I think I know what I am going to use to make a new workbench.

And, I think a see a new database app in my future.

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Awesome score, a very similar thing happened to me about 5 years ago. I traded a lady some labor for about 1500 bf of hard maple. But whomever stacked it, didn't know what they where doing. No stickers, no weights. The wood had lots checks, cracks, and warped boards now. I'm now in the process of making a new bench from my stuff as well. :D

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Congrats on that great score. I know what it is like to get a good score like that. I got about 800bf of walnut, 600 of ash, and about 1200 of red pine, all in logs for free. I got them cut up by an Amish guy for about 400 bucks. We just dropped off another load the other day. Not sure what we are going to get out of it, but there is some wh. oak, wh. pine, cedar, and another walnut log or two. I am also gettin gsome cherry logs from my FIL's neighbor for free as well. I am sure that we will pitch him a few buck for his troubles. Good stuff.

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selling any? Sweet find!

I expect to post some of it for sale after I get a better handle on what I have.

With the evenings getting shorter I have less time after work. I have about half of one of those piles move to the backyard. That equates to a stack of about 22 each of 4/4 x 11-1/2" x 13' and 4/4 x 11 1/2 x 10' boards.

So far, there are some real beauties in those stacks.

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I've managed to stack and sticker most of the 4/4 boards. The stack is about 4' X 4' X 10' with quite a few (read: 30 - 40) 11', 12' and 13' boards in there as well.

I'm going to start stacking the 8/4 and 16/4 stuff this evening. There are a lot of 8 footers with the balance being 12 footers.

I'm thinking that a half dozen or so of the 8/4 X 8' boards will become a new workbench top.

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Stacked and sitckerd and covered from the elements (and made a vantage point for the cat in the progress).





The cat did not wish to have his identity revealed.

I've managed to sell a few boards and have had a few more people ask.

Time to get to work making them into some Christmas presents. Once the next Guild Build project starts to take form I will choose some stock for that.

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