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I have a cnc shark, one of the earlier ones, and I wouldn't recommend it if you want to primarily be cutting parts.  There's too much flex in it.  I'd probably look at a shopbot desktop or buddy for a smaller machine

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Hi Brian


Try The Vectric forum. Most of there members are CNC Hobbyist and you may find someone near you.

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What is your price range cause that dictates what style you want to go with.


I have a mongo Lagacy Artisan II, but Legacy CNC does smaller machine also. They also have great support/training and some cool software that comes with the machines that allows you to do simple things really easily i.e. joint/surface board. cut threads.....


Here is a link to legacy's small machine, it still clocks in at $5k but the stuff you can do with a 25x25" Inch open table is amazing.


Here are a couple things to think about before buying:


See what is made out of Steel is better than aluminum and welded frame is better than bolted. The studier/heavier the machine the less vibration translates to more accuracy.


Decide the style of base. It will dictate what your can easily to. Open frame means you can mount things vertically, which is great if you ever want to do cool cnc joinery. Here is one that I have used in a couple projects:1798464_473391356120182_2053364864_n.jpg


Go broad, don't get a cnc that you will only be able to make wood clocks. Invest the money and get one that you can do clocks, carvings, sculpted seats the gamit. You will use it for way more and it will pay for itself way quicker.


If you have any questions feel free to call me I am more than willing to share the knowledge that I have. (I spend way too much time researching before buying my CNC)




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