All my hand tools are for sale!

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I'm likely going to have to move across the country for work, and so begins the Great Purge!


Here's the first batch; all my new premium hand tools:


LN scrub plane

LN low angle jack

LN low angle jack rabbet

LN rabbeting block plane

LN large open throat router

WoodRiver low angle block

WoodRiver #4-1/2 smoother

WoodRiver #7 jointer

Veritas plow plane with 5 imperial sized irons

Hock kit smoother, built

Hock kit shoulder plane, built

ECE stopped rabbet plane

LN 3/8" mortise chisel

LN 3/4" bevel chisel

LN 1/2" long handle O1 paring chisel

LN tenon saw

Veritas Crosscut Carcase saw

Veritas Rip Carcase saw

Narex 5/8" mortise chisel

Narex 40mm bevel chisel

Titemark marking gauge

2x 1x woodcraft marking gauge


Also, not new and/or less premium:

Anant #8 jointer

very old Stanley bedrock #606 in good condition


All but a handful of the tools pictured here are sold.  Everything that's left is in the new "Round 2" post, go check it out!
















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I'm interested in the lie Nielsen 1/2 bevel chisel…let me know if it's still available.



All chisels are still available, however I had them mislabeled.  What I have is:


LN 3/4" bevel chisel

LN 1/2" O1 long handle bevel chisel

LN 3/8" mortise chisel


PM me if you still want one of them, let me know which.

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