Movies that feature woodworking?

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Fictional, that is. Just curious what people have come across that make any mention or demonstration of our craft.

The one that comes to my mind is The Patriot, with Mel Gibson. All he wants to do is spend time with his boys and make rocking chairs, but NO, instead he's forced to hack Brits to pieces with his hatchet.

Also, sorry if this should be in "offtopic". I'm a little surprised by how many woodworking related posts are in that section.

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There is Woodshop, starring Jesse Ventura. Very low budget looking comedy flick barely even B-flick quality and falls flat in a lot of places, but it definitely has it's moments. "Damn it, Goldstein!"


Not a movie, but Breaking Bad had a character with an interest in woodworking which was featured in a very brief, cool woodshop scene in the last episode.

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Not a movie, but when I was playing Assassin's Creed III, which takes place during the Revolutionary War, my wife was watching me run through a little village where some NPCs were doing some woodworking, to include a fellow using a English style workbench like mine with a wooden jack plane. 


"Is that guy using a plane?"

"Yeah, his bench is just like mine, too!"

"Uh uh... its because you are Amish"


(I'm perhaps obviously not Amish, given that this is an internet forum, but she tells me I am whenever I get excited about getting a new hand tool)

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Kevin Costner has a scene in his latest baseball movie ("For love of the game"?) where he injures himself on a table saw.  you don't see the injury itself, but you see the bloody hand afterwards, and the scene leading up to it I clearly felt there was something wrong with the positioning of his hand.  


Commend the research and acting chops to make it obvious to some and implied danger to non-woodworking, but that was the only scene of the movie that stood out to me.

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My response here (that indicates medications should be prescribed) was to think about other movies whose title could be changed to a woodworking theme.


Saw Wars

Citizen Schwarz

Gone with the Dust

The Sound of Sanding

The Sixth Coat


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Hhhhhmmmm..., I think a lightsabre-saw would be pretty cool.

I can't tell you how many times I've wished for one of those.

As for turning titles into woodworking movies:


Planers of the Caribbean: 6 Board Chest

A Million Ways to Die in the Shop

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Walk the line with j. Phoenix has a wood working scene where his older brother uses a table saw.


Doesn't his older brother die as a result of an accident from using that table saw?  Big sawmill saw too.  We don't want to watch that!   :lol:     

I guess it's a movie based on a true story.

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Roubocop... That was genius

Not a movie, but in Breaking Bad there was an extensive scene/story around Jesse making a wood box in shop class, but it had a depressing end.


Worth watching even if you aren't a Breaking Bad fan (no spoilers either):

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