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Hope you clicked on this, 'cause I do need some help...


Yes, I know love Sketchup, and I'm going to preach it next week at the local woodworking meeting of old coots like me...


Hey, I'm trying to make gambrel trusses for my girls playhouse... yes, I'm going nuts now...


I found a fantastic website that explains how to make the trusses (though I have to reduce them from 10' to 8').






I figures out how to make the trusses, BUT they are flat on the floor of the model.



HOW do I flip them up and 90 from the floor?  After that I know how to "Lift" them to the roof.






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Select everything you want to rotate.  Pick the rotation tool.  Position yourself to one side of the trusses.  Now put the mouse near the trusses but not over anything.  The compass-like display should change to a color indicating that it will rotate around the axis with that color.  If the compass thing is black that means it is not locked to an axis.  Generally if you are not over some part, the compass thing will be some color.  When it is the color you want, press and hold the shift key which locks the thing, then move it to one of the points on your truss and click.  Now you can let go of the shift.  Now you should move the mouse away from the point you clicked (preferably along an axis).  Doesn't matter how far.  Then click again.  Now the rotation starts.  Move the mouse in the direction you want to rotate either until you hit the 90 degree point, or you can type in 90 in the box.  That should do it. 

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From SketchUp's YouTube channel - tutorial on the rotate tool.  If you have a YouTube account, by all means subscribe to their channel.  If you don't, then at least search for their channel because there are all sorts of useful videos, including tutorials on every tool in the box and some other applications.

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I do most of my zooming and panning with the scroll wheel.

As do i.  Here are a couple tips for others on how to manipulate the view via the scroll wheel:

  • Zoom in/out:  just spin the scroll wheel.  It will zoom into the spot where your cursor is, so if you want to zoom into a corner just put your mouse there and spin the wheel.
  • Rotating the view: put pressure on your scroll wheel until it clicks down(not spins, but clicks) and then you can move the mouse to rotate around things. No need to select the rotate tool first.
  • Panning:  hold the SHIFT key while pressing down(clicking) the scroll wheel on your mouse and you will be able to pan by simply moving the mouse. No need to select the panning tool any longer.
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