Secret codes etched on your furniture?

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When completing a project, a piece of furniture for instance, have there ever been small 'codes' etched in somewhere for the type of wood used? (or something to that extent). 


For instance, if you built a table out of cherry and walnut, perhaps a small:


CH / W


...pen-burned or etched into the underside.


I think about when my furniture (hopefully) outlives me, will future generations know what they have.


If anything, I've been thinking of at least pen-burning the year built somewhere. 


So I guess my question this common?  And if so, has a standard been set?



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I sign my furniture and gifts using a Dremmel tool and a small carving bit with my name and the date completed.  If I use an unusual wood, I scribe the botanical name i.e. Gleditsia triacanthos (Honey Locust) for on my daughter's hope chest or Handroanthus for the porch swing.

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==>Life , the universe and everything !

Got in one...


==>The pencil is clearly readable if the item is x-rayed.

Reminds me of the only Dr. Who episode that my wife will actually watch... Any takers? Hint: John Cleese in a cameo...

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Sounds like a kind of a "National Treasure" thing.

I usually just sign mine with a Sharpie and date it somewhere on the inside.

Dremel or use a burner sounds like things that would endure.  I don't know how the whole x ray thing works on a large piece.  Is this done? Portable x ray machine?

Wudbutcher.....1st post!! Welcome.....good place to hang and Uncle Vester. :P

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