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Well the first gallon of primer went on last night. I used Zinsser cover stain oil-based thinking it would cover better and not raise fibers like water-based. Looking this morning I was hoping the print would have been covered better. I have a test gallon of water-based primer + paint and don't know if will cut it with 1 coat. I hate painting and really want a 2-coat solution. It's a shop and maybe 2 coats will be good enough even if not house interior quality. I might pick up a gallon of water-based primer and see how that does. 





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Cover stain did its job. It stuck! Now any topcoat will adhere to the cover stain. It is not engineered to be a one coat cover. It is designed to stick anywhere that you need a top coat when the top coat may not stick. As long as your wall color is close to the primer color, one more coat may do it.

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I picked up a gallon of Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 water-based primer over lunch to try out. If it has similar performance to the oil-based cover stain without raising too much of the OSB fibers, it will be quicker to recoat and no fumes, and probably safe to run the heater while using it. The OSB was outside until each sheet was used so some of the surfaces has dew or rain on them and didn't raise much. Plus, it's a shop and not looking for living room paint job!

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Well after one coat of the paint with primer I'm probably going to stick with the water-based primer. Up close I would say the oil-based looks 5% better - from a distance you can't tell. Surprisingly the oil-based raised the fibers as much as the water-based. Add in the higher cost, slower dry time, stinks for days, and can't run the heater when applying it - not worth that 5% better.


Priming the lettering first then going over the entire area after giving it a little time to dry is the ticket. Then using premium paint with primer gives a 2-coat solution and is good enough for a shop - especially since a lot of the walls will be covered with cabinets, etc. With the premium paint with primer on sale, spending the $3 extra over the bottom-of-line paint was a no-brainer.


Tough to compare with crappy phones pics plus today's pics were with natural light coming through the windows.


Water-based with primer then paint.






Oil-based primer then paint





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I didn't take any pics because it was a snowstorm up there, but I now have R-44 insulation blown into my shop attic. I was shooting for R-38 and calculated 22 bales but the installer said trusses, joists, roof pitch at sides, etc. all reduce how much you need. I sold the other 2 bales to the installer.


An added bonus is he blew my house attic up to R-60 now for no extra labor charge. 

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Primed and painted all the walls today. Painting takes about half the time as priming as the OSB just sucks it up. Put a 2nd coat of paint on a 10' section and it made it brighter and reflect more light. So tomorrow I'm going to put a 2nd coat on the rest of the walls so I have no regrets later.

Feels like I added more lights as it's brighter in there.

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2nd coat of paint made a noticeable difference and really happy how the walls turned out. Now I wish I could take a nap and the ceiling would be done when I woke up. Well, with over 30,000 steps on my Fitbit since yesterday morning mostly in my shop, the nap thing is happening! My legs and back are feeling all the painting and concrete.





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I think masking and spraying would be easier. But heater, machines, floor, windows ,outlets etc kinda make that a difficult option.

Looked into buying sprayer but read they have a fair amount of overspray. I also read that you should back roll after spraying to get into all the crevices of OSB. Don't know if all that is true but rolling by myself wasn't bad. About 2.5 hours for primer and 1.5 hours each coat of paint. Used 5 gals each of primer and paint.

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