Brad Bernhart Interview: The Business of Woodworking

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I this video, woodworker Brad Bernhart of Red Lodge, Montana shares a little about his business, the importance of lean manufacturing, and where he sells his work. 


Check out Brad's website to see his wonderfully designed and custom made kitchen utensils. Take note: his site is a great example of what a good website should be for a business.


When you check out his site, drop Brad a line saying "Thanks" for the great information that he has generously shared. I did not previously know Brad until I met him at SummerFair and asked him for an interview. I think it would be awesome to let him know that he has helped us out with his information and time as he shared some solid business information. 




This video is part of a series where we are exploring how different woodworkers run their business and sell their work.


Other videos in the series: 


Ep 34 How I Sell My Woodworking Projects


Ep 35 Brad Bernhart Interview


I hope you enjoy the video, find it helpful, and informative.


Your friend in the shop-


Todd A. Clippinger

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Todd, Brad's advice was Dave Ramsey basics. Simplicity and logic mixed with a good product. Great video. Thanks for sharing

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